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siegart June 14, 2016
amazing perspective and great sky and light
salazargretchen September 22, 2017
MaryAnne306 May 15, 2018
Wow, brilliant shot! Congratulations on all your awards.
RamyDelariarte May 23, 2018
jackiemiller_2052 May 23, 2018
Beautiful composition and reflections
WolfEyesPhotography June 30, 2018
Really beautiful - stunning!
patrickstrock October 06, 2018

Stay glassy

A beautiful piece of architecture in central Copenhagen.
A beautiful piece of architecture in central Copenhagen.
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Behind The Lens

Taken in Copenhagen, Denmark, a country which has many modern designs located around the city. It is the office of a company Aller Media and from the side looks very ordinary yet from the front it has an incredible look.
It was taken late afternoon in Winter around 15 minutes before sunset. The wind was quite strong and it was very overcast but with the sun just creeping out and giving a nice colourful glow to the image.
One of the most interesting aspects about this image for me was the difference in reflection on each side of the building. This means that the image is very symmetrical yet at the same time not symmetrical. With the low sun partially lighting the clouds it gives the sky a soft look with not so much contrast.
I photographed this scene through a Nikon D600 body with a Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 VR lens attached. A Hoya 500 9-stop ND filter was also used to allow for slow shutter speeds and with no tripod at the time I had to find a substitute. Luckily there was a used cigarette carton lying around which I used to raise the lens and arch it to the correct angle.
At first, the building seen from the side, I was uninspired until I reached the point where this fantastic view became visible. I took photos without the filter and the stillness created too many extra cloud shapes and patterns but I wanted this sharp edgy building to stand out on a smooth canvas.
Editing was nothing too crazy, I used split toning to accentuate the sunset colours and clarity to make the building and clouds really stand out. I brought detail out from the shadows and pushed the highlights back to increase the dynamic range of the shot too.
In my camera bag
My favourite lens is my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens that I bought a few years back and have loved ever since. I love shifting the focus around and the limitations of a prime help you access creativity. I also shoot with a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 for action photography and long range city photography.
Keeping an eye out for symmetry is worthwhile because it adds a strong dimension to a photograph. I really liked the way the sky almost disrupts the symmetrical look and the difference in angles catch the eye. In Copenhagen you have a lot of cloudy days aswell sometimes it breaks right at the end of the day and lighting turns just right!

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