toxictabasco November 01, 2013
Great photo.
Iconoscope October 04, 2014
I haven't seen one of these in decades! Only anachronism: the lady's skirt is too short!
GBloniarz March 11, 2015
Marvelous back in time creation ... love it!!
denisenewman March 26, 2015
So well done it caught my eye immediately - the lady was my era = love this depiction of 'time' :)
taz603 June 30, 2015
Are these cars street legal in the states. If so I love to ride in one! Otherwise thanks for the trip down memory lane.
markussende July 27, 2016
i love the idea of this picture, just the light is a bit confuse to me. the Isetta is missing her shadows...
anyway, great work!

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Nov, 2013

Richardson Living Cover Art

Created for Richardson Living magazine as cover art to celebrate the city's suburban mid-century modern architecture, this image is a composite of nearly 40 different exposures. The shot was set up before sundown and continued for nearly two hours. Each element was lit with flashlights and a hand held camera strobe. The actors had to hold their pose through two separate ten second exposures. The glow from Sodium vapor streetlights made the sky a murky orange, so I substituted a sunset sky I had shot ten years earlier in California. Likewise, the trees and lawn were not in great shape, so I filled in using tree shots and lawns from my personal image library. Ordinarily I don't like to retouch images so heavily, but because of the deliberate artificial mood of the photo, retouching seemed appropriate.

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