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Natascha_Wiegand March 11, 2015
Hi and Welcome to ViewBug :D Lovely portrait of a happy child who appears not to have everything in life. The honest joy shines through. Well done and I hope we see more of your images here soon. Cheers Natascha :)
SharonKL March 14, 2015
This is a wonderful shot!!
Welcome to VB
makangara March 14, 2015
Thanks Sharon, to the appreciation, and you can see others pics on this project to
makangara March 24, 2015
thanks to all who vote for this image

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Behind The Lens

During my trip to the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in my home province
I arrived July 20 in the city and the next day 21 July 2014, I decided to visit my grandparents after 13 years of absence we have not seen, accompanied by my father, we made stops at family members. at 10 am about my father showing me a new field he had purchased from our absence, and that this child observe us from afar with a strange look. It was July 21rst, 2014 at 10 am approximately.
I did not have anything extra like light, I just use daylight with my Nikon d40, and my lens f/3.5 55-200mm, which is my tourism product,
usually when I'm touring I do not burden me, I just had my Nikon d40 case, it is day, I walked with my 55-200mm lens, which is not as special. because I knew I was going to the village where there is no electricity to carry charger or other equipment. the tripod would be too bulky,
this picture, I had to realize, because this child was as if surprised to see me, I look away, it's as if he posed a question about me, about who I am exactly? to see people coming to say hello and introduce myself my father to those friends from the village. same time I got to feel like it was getting dreams in his head. my gait to tell human stories, I had to approach him after he told me about his life, he could not attend school for lack of resources, he talk about difficulties of his family, so I thought I takes a new picture where apparently he was happy but without much to overcome life. and I got to the title "Happy Kid"
as job generation I have not done much this picture, I had to realize in NEF, after I got to the converture JPEG, and then I play on black and white, just by regulating light and contrast
In my camera bag
usually in my bag, lens, 50mm f / 1.8, 40mm f / 2.8 zoom 55-200 f / 3.5 mm, my battery charger, 2 or 3 reserve batteries, my canon 100 D box and nikonDX always D40, rarely my tripod, my filter, my memoirs cards, my computer, my notepad, my documents still in brief
my advice, I can say for this image, I was not too technical, so I was more interesting, the attitude of this boy, but also the place where I found myself, there were sub as an interaction of both sides, I and the villagers. if you look at more photos of this series. in my country there are many restrictions especially in Kinshasa to photograph each time we always posse the question what do you do with this photo, Here no threat to you, it facilitates dialogue to achieve beautiful images. must also observe your subject, trying to understand exactly what can be born of your picture as information that is my contribution and time is important too.

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