Her Ladyship

Up with the sun this morning, lets start the day with a new image. It's called Her Ladyship.

When taking the image I was looking for shape, angles,...
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Up with the sun this morning, lets start the day with a new image. It's called Her Ladyship.

When taking the image I was looking for shape, angles, frame stopper, a set of three, lighting and model expression. The stunning model Porcha, is perfect for this with her beautiful angular looks and skill. I give credit to her for her patience in baiting my dogs with pizza (Joanie's burnt pizza!).

When processing this this image looking at the strengths of the black and whites, the texture in the sofa fabric throw and the dress and of course the all important lighting. Main adjustment I use is the curve adjustment on a multiply, screen or softlight blend mode.
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--KT-- October 30, 2013
These are 3 of my 4 dogs, the most precious things in my life. No matter what life throws at me, my dogs are always there to lick my nose and give me a nuzzle.

From left to right: Princess (Mum), Prince (Dad) and PJ (Son, Prince Junior).
bettinawilkerson October 30, 2013
Beautiful :-) , smile I know what you mean I have two of them as well and they are just great Companions
priyaroy76 November 04, 2013
Very nice work
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta December 25, 2013
A truly marvelous & excellently constructed, taken & edited mono image - yes, Porcha is stunning & your 3 dogs are gorgeous. Congratulations.
RichMiyara PRO+
RichMiyara December 25, 2013
Fantastic - congrats on the feature. Very impressive and inspiring.
fotogalmexican Platinum
fotogalmexican December 25, 2013
very cool
catini December 25, 2013
Nice, congrats on your feature!
princessdi6305 PRO+
princessdi6305 December 25, 2013
Stunning mono capture!! Congratulations
iceman2 December 25, 2013
Beautiful B&W capture.Congrats!
WileKyK Platinum
WileKyK December 25, 2013
Awesome monochrome image. Congratulations on your Feature!
Karsun-Designs December 25, 2013
This is stunning!
JDLifeshots December 25, 2013
Great shot! Congrats.
edvarela December 25, 2013
MaryAnnAndrews PRO
MaryAnnAndrews December 25, 2013
Congrats on this beautiful feature.
ShutterBug76 PRO+
ShutterBug76 December 25, 2013
LeeBennett December 25, 2013
Excellent all round and perfect in B&W!
brentmorris December 26, 2013
BowmanLifeStudios December 27, 2013
Wonderful use of light and composition. Beautifully edited.
cynthiabroomfield Premium
cynthiabroomfield December 27, 2013
Beautiful work!!
tsambaproductions December 31, 2013
henriettabenjamin January 13, 2014
Love it...
philipbebbington February 02, 2014
Just class,and tells a story. Love the mono touch.Congrats.
-OUTDOOR-PHOTOGRAPHY November 05, 2014
adifloyde December 03, 2014
Beautiful in every respect
JoseV January 08, 2015
Wow. Just a perfect shot.
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb January 10, 2015
love your style ,stunning shot
LucyLoo PRO
LucyLoo January 14, 2015
This is such a marvellous photo. Love the whole comp, lighting, textures and most baeutiful model and dogs. Brilliantly done: most stunning work :-D
kodadog February 03, 2015
lovely picture
PHOTO_BY_OSADCHY February 14, 2015
good work
dvanhoof PRO+
dvanhoof March 05, 2015
i agree with fellow guests that this is one (almost) perfect image. Nice how the outlining of the dogs seems to follow the curve of the back of the seat, from high to low. Perhaps I might have moved all three dogs a bit to the left, sort of in the middle between the body of the model and the end of the seat, but overall I really like this picture.
slawakladocznagryta Platinum
slawakladocznagryta March 09, 2015
RAPJones April 02, 2015
A masterpiece!! Well done!
Derrik April 03, 2015
The models right hand should be turned slightly towards the dogs. Hands should never point at the viewer. It is also more feminine to cross feet at the ankles, and the left knee should be the higher one so as to repeat the slope of the couch and dogs. Finally, roll your female onto one hip rather than sitting flat. This will flatter her figure more. Lovely model! Straighten the candles next time you use that prop.
GordonD April 10, 2015
Well i must say i disagree with the comment on the candles lol i think it is fantastic.....i never have agreed with all these silly rules, if we all followed the same rules art would be so boring. I say again Fantastic :)
FireLillyCreations April 10, 2015
Love this!
lauramowrey May 23, 2015
Beautiful image! We have 6 lovely canines ourselves, and many other species here at our rescue/sanctuary!
Svenergy72 March 02, 2017
Astonishing! Now that's photography :-)
pietnel November 24, 2017
Beautiful gorgeous shot
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