Misty Morning in a Forest





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trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman March 09, 2015
Beautiful shot....quiet and peaceful
AnnuO March 09, 2015
Thank you. This is one of our favorite parks, very dense with beech trees.
terrysigns13 August 17, 2015
You captured a wonderful mood . The rusty colored leaves make this back woods road come to life! Thank you for your generous visit. I enjoy your style. Terry
AnnuO August 17, 2015
So kind of you, Terry! Your comment is highly appreciated :))
CarolSadler PRO
CarolSadler January 03, 2016
So peaceful............Voted in Into the Void!
AnnuO January 03, 2016
Thank you, Carol :) There is something magical in misty forests.
norbergs January 21, 2016
Beautiful capture! Makes me want to take a walk down this path:)
AnnuO January 21, 2016
Thank you :) It's our way to the dog school...
theresavar January 28, 2016
This makes me feel like I am there, walking early in the morning and there is a chill in the air
AnnuO January 28, 2016
It was such a grim day but this photo came out nicely with just enough colour to give it a bit of a lift.
MickAlicic PRO
MickAlicic March 29, 2016
Absolute masterpiece! Voted in Vanishing.
AnnuO March 29, 2016
Thank you for this kind comment and your vote :))
MickAlicic PRO
MickAlicic May 16, 2016
Subtle and dreamy. Voted in Simple Landscapes.
AnnuO May 17, 2016
Thank you :))
ovosphotography December 16, 2016
like it!
AnnuO December 17, 2016
Many thanks :)

Behind The Lens

Me and my dog are assistant trainers in our dog school and go there every sunday morning no matter what the weather might be like, rain or shine. The forest around this area is always, every season, very picturesque. Tall beech trees growing in rows, and colors, more matter what time of the year it is, are beautiful and enchantingly delicious. This forest called Arboretum is in the outskirts of Brussels (Belgium) and it has a network of criss-crossing pathways and wider roads. It is seldom totally empty and there are joggers, bikers and people from the nearby riding school going around with their horses. This particular sunday the weather was very thick with fog and air was very cool and humid. Me and my dog were the first ones entering the empty forest from this particular side and we walked undisturbed to the location of our dog school.
I took this photo on 22nd February 2015 at 9.45 when I was just entering the forest from the parking lot with my dog.
The air was heavy with fog and there wasn't much any kind of light. Visibility was very poor. For me this was perfect natural light setting, mysterious, simple and full of enchantment. I love the dreamlike endresult of this photo.
I was lucky to have my iPhone with me since I had left my Nikon at home thinking that the humidity would not be good for the camera anyway.
I felt like entering into another world, full of mystery and magic. Surrounded by this immense fog, the nature was silent. Not even a single bird was singing. The disappearing road was like the a gateway to another dimension. This if nothing else can put ones imagination on move. I felt that me and my dog were the only living things around but it wasn't scary, it was peaceful and beautiful.
I prefer and love natural light and natural colour tones and this photo did not need much post-processing. I only slightly re-touched the shadows, highlights and added just a little bit of vibrance to the color. I wanted to keep this photo as realistic as possible.
In my camera bag
I always carry along my iPhone and Samsung, just for sudden photo opportunities. If I go for photo hunting I pack my Nikon D3200 with its two lenses (VR2 18-55 and VR2 55-200) a polarization filter and sometimes I taken along my light tripot. I also keep quite often with me a little pocket Nikon since I found out that I can take better macros with itl.
I have the experience that there is always something interesting going on in the nature that can be captured in a photo. I make lots of long walks with my dog and most often we go on out of the beaten track and discover natures big and little wonders. Also I quite often look back while I'm walking, just to get a different and new point of view as well as making sure that I haven't missed anything. Nature and landscape photography provides loads of opportunities and it just up to oneself to see them coming and "Carpe Diem!". A story attached to a photo is often helpful. Akind of presentaiton of imafination. I might compose a story in my mind already before taking a photo and thus have a name ready for it. Naming photos helps me to frame them and capture then feeling I am actually looking for.

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