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LauraRetyi October 30, 2013
Absolutely Stunning
Splendidimagery December 22, 2013
Amazing shot. Well done
BowmanLifeStudios January 11, 2014
Beautiful capture, very nice composition. Great sky and contrast, Well done!
needacloud January 12, 2014
Great depth of field!
RolandRuttenPhotography January 12, 2014
Nice focusing and amazing sky! Well done Andrew!
AlanJakarta January 12, 2014
Lovely image with good differential focusing. Congratulations.
rmr731 January 12, 2014
Beautiful capture! Congrats!
symesie04 January 12, 2014
Nice shot, beautifully processed.
catini January 12, 2014
Great composition and DOF, congrats on your feature!
iceman2 January 12, 2014
Wonderful shot.Congrats!
brentmorris January 12, 2014
I love simplicity
Capture-Life January 12, 2014
gorgeous ! :):)
rondube January 12, 2014
Well done. Congrats
toddtaggartphotography January 12, 2014
mikemalak January 12, 2014
Absolutely stunning!!
olliegriffiths January 13, 2014
redwriter January 13, 2014
Beautiful shot. Congrats. - Jake
marcocalandra89 January 26, 2014
marcocalandra89 January 26, 2014
photographcl January 31, 2014
Great photo,great HDR..
Capture-Life December 22, 2014
CONGRATS!! :):) it's stunning!!
Snap_Shot December 23, 2014
Such a simple, remote scene but altogether powerful and full of character. Congratulations.
jeffswanson December 26, 2014
Nice shot of this corn field.
geauxphotography January 14, 2015
The leading line draws you in..
springggrove February 08, 2015
great use of light

Waves of Grain





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Behind The Lens

I shot this on a random dirt road in rural Cass County, Nebraska
It was mid to late afternoon, I think.
It was a much brighter day than the frame suggests, but the cloud cover filtered the light perfectly. I love how the right cloud cover changes light. If it's just right, the colors seem to wake up,and everything pops just a bit.
Sony a65 and Tamron 18-270. Also instrumental was my Jeep Wrangler. I shot this while driving. One hand on the wheel, one hand on the camera. Don't try this at home.
It was just an afternoon of roaming dirt roads. I do that a lot, and as you can imagine, there is no shortage of dirt roads in Nebraska. I was looking for a specific scene, and I got lucky with this corn field. Occasionally, you find natural breaks in a field, caused by geographical features, like creek beds or just random scars in the earth. I was looking for just that kind of feature to break up the shot and hopefully add some leading lines to the frame. This was shot in continuous drive, as I passed at about 50 MPH. I got maybe ten or twelve frames total, but this was the obvious winner.
I wanted to add some real drama to this shot. Using Lightroom, I added contrast and bumped up the clarity in the clouds. Then a touch of vignette, to darken the edges. The blur at the bottom of the frame is a natural result of shooting it at 50 MPH (see previous answer). I added a bit of blur along the top of the frame to draw the eye into the image.
In my camera bag
Two cameras (Sony a77 & a99), four lenses (Tamron 18-270 & 200-400, Minolta 50 f/1.7 & 70-210 f/4), various filters, macro tubes, remotes, and a couple of flashlights.
Wear your seat belt :)

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