Night Beauty





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Q-Vision PRO
Q-Vision March 05, 2015
Beautiful. Well composed and presented.
tetvet PRO+
tetvet October 26, 2015
great photo
LensofLawrence July 07, 2016
This is one of the best portraits photos I have ever seen
davidsloan May 29, 2017
Congratulation,amazing work.
ArberElezi June 13, 2017
sildsa July 05, 2017
Amazing wotk by the make-up artist. And great lighting by the way. Aesthetically beautiful.
Eduardbetz PRO+
Eduardbetz February 17, 2018
Beautiful colors and make up. Wonderfully over the top !
Hood PRO
Hood Jan 25

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a makeup studio with a black improved backdrop
It was at night with all lights turn off inside the room
The lighting was with two umbrellas one was white and the other ones was golden, a very easy lighting whit two speed lights nothing awesome but a very clean lighting diagram.
I took this picture with my first camera a Canon t3i and a 50mm ¡Wow! I loved that camera for so much time then I changed for a 6D and just recently bought a Nikon D750 and fall in love again!
It was inspired on africa the pieces she is using is from Delio Puerto's jewelry actually the woman in there is white as milk it was a challenge to change her skin tone, everything was made with airbrush make up by Maury Cervera one of the best make up artist from Mérida, México.
Yes I first made my natural post production in adobe Lightroom and the the skin retouch and come details of the make up on Photoshop
In my camera bag
I dont do a lot of fashion anymore.. Im more on wedding photography at the time and alway carry my Nikon D750 the 6D as a backup an I usually work with 35mm, 50mm and 85mm always carry with my one or two speed lights with a kit of Magmod in case I need to use flash but Im more in to the natural light.
Try to be creative, get inspired in the basic this as culture and art.. ¡and don't stop playing with the light if you can!

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