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kristenoser February 14, 2014
Just beautiful... I could look at this all day
Beauwulf January 21, 2015
Very nice! I'm impressed!
photosbyboes December 12, 2016
Just Gorgeous!

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Behind The Lens

I took this photograph in Westminster Massachusetts. Its one of my favorite places to photograph as the colors change with the seasons.
I go to this pond often as the mood and lighting changes with the times of day. The photograph was taken mid afternoon. I took several that day and got some great shots, one of which now hangs in the hospital where I work.
The sunlight on this afternoon was perfect for bringing out the colors on the fall leaves on the trees. Part of the pond was in shade from the island in the middle so I moved to a better spot which gave me the light and color better on the trees and the still waters were perfect for the reflections of color.
On this particular day I only had my camera and lens. I didn't have my tripod or flash with me. When I go out I always take the camera with my go to lens unless its for a particular day of shooting, when I take all my equipment. I always like to have the camera, just in case. On this day I had my Canon 5D mkii and a Canon EF 75-300 f4-5.6 iii zoom lens.
Westminster is a small town with some beautiful places to visit. I lived nearby at the time and passed by the pond on a daily basis. The different seasons always have something to offer for shooting. This particular fall the trees were stunning with their colors and the days were still warm and sunny. Seeing the reflections of the colors on the water gave me all the inspiration I needed. Its one of those places you pass and just have to stop and take photos of.
At the time of this photo I considered myself still a novice and learning. I didn't have photoshop or lightroom. The only post processing I did for this photograph was some cropping and maybe some light adjustment and contrast adjustment.
In my camera bag
I have two cameras, a fugi finepix which I use as a back up (not very often) and my main camera a Canon 5D mkii. My go to everyday lens is a 28-135mm which normally gives me what I want on the fly. My second lens is an EF 75-300 f1.4-5.6 iii zoom lens which I use mainly for sports events and landscape shots. Both of these lenses have hoods.I also have a 58mm Professional HD DSLR MC AF 2x telephoto lens, which I confess to actually not using yet. I also carry a Macro lens, a close up +1,close up +2.close up +4 and close up +10 lenses. I have 3 filters, which I think I have used maybe once, a CPL,UV and FLD and finally a Speedlight 430EXII. I always have spare batteries and cards and cleaning cloth. I bought the equipment as a kit and am still learning how to use it.
My advice would be to pick your time of day and check out your location beforehand. Find the best place to capture your photograph, move around to find the best location. Take photos from different angles and take several shots. Try out different settings for the same shot. Experiment you may be surprised at the outcome, I know I always am.

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