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Taipei 101, Taiwan

Taipei 101, Taiwan
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edvarela October 23, 2013
HRImages October 23, 2013
melsteinberg January 30, 2014
Very nice
ppuru August 11, 2015
wonderfully taken. voted.
adavies PRO
adavies March 17, 2016
Love this! Awesome capture! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Rush Hour challenge:)
jimhelmick March 31, 2016
Beautiful photo.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken from the footbridge at the intersection between Xinyl Rd and Keelung Rd in downtown Taipei.
Obviously at night. It was my first trip to Taipei and I wanted to get some long exposures of the night traffic and all the city lights. When I came to the intersection, the footbridge across the main roads seemed like the perfect place to set up the tripod. I wasn't the only photographer there, some locals were also shooting long exposures. It took multiple attempts to get the right amount of light trails, while other vehicles stood still.
It was a little late for blue hour, so I didn't try to get any color in the sky. If I had exposed longer, many of the city lights would have been blown out. So I stopped down to f/16 to get a reasonable exposure (5 sec) for enough light trails while minimizing the risk of too much movement in the stationary vehicles.
I shot this quite a while ago, with the (at the time rather excellent) Canon 40D and a Sigma 10-20mm. Tripod, of course, but no flash.
I wanted to get some night impressions from Taipei, in particular with the Taipei 101 (the highest building at the time) in the frame.
Little enhancements in Lightroom only (contrast up, highlights down, clarity and vibrance up, little bit of sharpening).
In my camera bag
My goto kit includes my trusty 5D Mark II, the 24-105L f/4 IS, the 16-35L f/2.8 II, and the 70-200L f/2.8 IS. That combo gets used about 95% of all shoots. Add a few 580EX flashes, Eneloop batteries, Pocketwizards, Sekonic light meter, a filter kit (NDs, polariser, Infrared), and lots of other stuff.
Get a good tripod. That gets you halfway there. And keep the ISO down.

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