The yellow giant





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PhilipCarnevale October 22, 2013
MFCAndrade October 22, 2013
Thanks philip_c ;)
catini November 04, 2013
Spectacular, congrats on your feature!
sheriminardi November 04, 2013
Beautiful, congrats!
iceman2 November 04, 2013
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
drakkardarkblade November 04, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
garnetp November 04, 2013
Awesome! Where is this?
MFCAndrade November 04, 2013
Thank you all for your comments, Garnetp this is in the Azorean Islands, more precisely at the coast of Vila Franca do Campo in S.Miguel.
kentuckygirl61 November 04, 2013
Wow! The textures & colors are stunning!
carlosramos November 04, 2013
Fabulous image !
diporzio November 04, 2013
Very beautiful
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 November 04, 2013
Beautiful! Congratulations!
eleazarparedes PRO
eleazarparedes November 04, 2013
Nice shot.
jleiweke November 04, 2013
becapics November 04, 2013
Awesome shot!
beritnielsen November 04, 2013
Alannixon PRO+
Alannixon November 04, 2013
Awesome, congrats on your feature!
etammerman November 04, 2013
congratulations this is a remarkable photo!!
rondube November 04, 2013
Congrats, Great shot..
CoopPix November 04, 2013
Such a beautiful composition! The lighting, the colors - absolutely magnificent!
Jimbob1105 November 04, 2013
Awesome perspective!
MarcoPoveda November 04, 2013
espectacular, felicitaciones
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta November 04, 2013
Great shot. Congratulations.
princessdi6305 PRO+
princessdi6305 November 04, 2013
Beautiful congrats!!
nitti November 04, 2013
A beauty...congrats
parthgupta November 04, 2013
Really amazing photo.Love the texture of the rock.
Congrats by the way!
tcote November 04, 2013
Wow! Great capture. Congrats
PhotoAlaska November 04, 2013
very nice
alanrobertson November 04, 2013
spectacular image….
viewbug_georgem November 04, 2013
Just love the deep blue sea... :-)
prithvirajdutta November 05, 2013
redwriter PRO
redwriter November 05, 2013
Beautiful image. Congrats. - Jake
LindaT November 05, 2013
love the colors and the movement very nice!
redwriter PRO
redwriter November 08, 2013
Beautiful image. Congrats. - Jake
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 November 11, 2013
Beautiful shot! Great clarity, color and composition! congrats on being featured!
Wayne_Sr PRO+
Wayne_Sr November 16, 2013
Fantastic shot, Congratulations on your featured image..:~)
chrisgiordano January 22, 2014
What a stunning location, would love to snorkel nearby! Great shot and congrats!
Canonfire PRO
Canonfire December 14, 2014
Nice composition!
JoseV December 27, 2014
Beautiful shot
CherylG February 19, 2015
sydneyosbourne March 07, 2015
mikefinding PRO+
mikefinding March 15, 2015
What an excellent scene - love the rock structure!!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at sea close to the islet of "Vila Franca do Campo" in S. Miguel Azores.
I took this photo something around 4 P.M , was in late October so it wouldn't go dark at least for more two/three hours.
This was a tricky one, we actually took two turns around the islet, the first one was to study the impact of the light on the water and in the stone. Since my goal was a manageable balance of light between both places and still maintain a darker sky in the process. I had managed to keep a good balance with little effort since the light was very diffused. Still there were small bursts of the sun through the clouds that managed to lighten the rock and the water, creating this effect.
I used a Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 8-16 mm lens, and pure hand work to hold the camera in place, a tripod in the boat wouldn't be a good idea since the sea was being a little rough that day. I tried using the flash to lighten the water a bit more, but no success and time was of the essence so I had to use the existing light at my favor.
Imagine this, have you ever wandered what was in the other side of "that", over here, from the coast we see this islet from another angle all the time, but never from the sea. You can visit it by boat to go to a small beach inside it, but you never make it to the back of the islet, all the time that I passed in that city I always imagined "wouldn't it be wonderful to photograph the other side?". One day I couldn't handle it and took the risk, I saw a rough weather but was of those days "Who cares!" I have to take the shot I need to take it, was it to feel curious or simple by wanting to photograph I don't know, but I talked to a friend that has a whale watching firm and he was leaving that day for a tour and would go to the islet and back. When I got there I approached it from the back, at first I was feeling disappointed, the light was not that great from the side I was approaching. I asked for two runs around the island, the captain (and my friend) agreed, at the first run I scouted the best pick, was close to the end when I saw this, a formation of a rock that in some way was similar to an animal (Head to right, back... well in the back and the claw "rising" out of water in the middle) and then it struck me. At the second pass (that was a bit more hasty) I wouldn't wait any longer and took a few shots at it, and in seconds it got a lot darker as the sun got fully covered by the clouds.
Yes I did, I had to crop out a bit (It was ultra wide angle that I used so this was inevitable) and to align the horizon. I adjust the curves and levels do darken a bit the clouds and lighten the middle and water. Vibrancy was applied in a good dose, to push up the colors in the water and rock, along with contrast and sharpening.
In my camera bag
Since I consider my self a landscaper I usually bring my Filter kits from Cokin, my Sigma 8-16 mm, a Tamron 17-50 mm (For the filter kit) and the Nikon 50 mm that is a lot handier then most landscapers like to admit, specially for panoramas. I bring also two speed lights, a Nikon SB 700 and a Nissin (For use in risky cases). A Gorrila pod (Handy for the flashes) and my camera the Nikon D7000. A lot of cleaning stuff ( Fiber tissues, regular tissues, cleaning sprays, etc). Last but not least a tripod, Manfrotto 294 Aluminum Tripod with 804RC2 3-Way Head and I use the bag for stability.
Since this photo was taken at sea and with a lot of curiosity attached to it, I could say you have to be adventurous , and don't go down when you see something that is not what you expected, I tough of it at first, but after scouting around it I found other angles, other points of view that are hard to come by. Many people already photographed this place and rarely try other angles. For this kind of shot you probably have to have a good friend as captain or be the boat captain, find an interesting point of view and take a few shots, try to get close to the sea with the camera (Just don't drop it!) and try a few shots, don't worry about getting it fully right at first, keep on trying that day or other day. For me, as a landscaper, different point of views matter more than a lot of colors around the target area that has been photographed a thousand times from the similar angles. Another things to take in mind, safety first don't take necessary risks (By getting too close) and always use a life jacket. Take a lot of cleaning materials for your equipment (Due to the salt water). Then it's just getting it trough by trial and error until you start learning what you want to photograph and how. Sometimes it hits you in the face, other times you have to study the place, and sometimes it's a bit of both (Example of this photo). Hope this helps you guys and I will be waiting for you wonderful work so keep those cameras clicking ;) cheers.

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