Red Emma

Taken at Harbour Studio North Shields (UK)

Taken at Harbour Studio North Shields (UK)
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GordonD PRO
GordonD February 26, 2015
Now we are competing with the beauties from accross the pond lol :) wonderful
Etna PRO+
Etna February 27, 2015
Nice shot

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at Harbour Studios which is located in North Shields (UK). It is a fantastic studio with numerous different sets and the owners are always on hand to offer advice if required. The model Emma is an experienced model and she attended the studio as part of an organised 'Group Shoot' I find these types of shoots highly educational and great value for your hard earned cash.
This was taken during the evening at the studio.
I used one studio light with a large soft box to avoid harsh shadows.
I shot this image using my Nikon D610 with Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 using studio lighting.
I love photographing people and I really enjoy this particular genre. With this particular image i wanted to capture Emma in a sensual and mildly erotic pose without the need for nudity. I had an idea in my mind of soft and dreamy sexiness I think I achieved what I was looking for with all thanks to Emma.
Fortunately Emma is stunning and does not need a great deal of post production work applied to her. The PP that I wanted to do was to get the soft dreamy look. I softened the whole image and then added a small amount of vignetting to draw the viewers eye. This was done using LR and PS.
In my camera bag
For the group shoots like this I usually have my Nikon D610 and a couple of lenses such as the Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 and my Nikon niffty 50.
Get your gear out and shoot, the more you shoot the better you will become. Don't be afraid to experiment and step outside of your comfort zone. If you're new to this genre then the best advice I could give is to attend your local photo studio, see if they organise group shoots and go along to them. You don't need all the fancy expensive equipment. You will find that any studio worth their salt will be extremely helpful. Group shoots are great if you have never worked with models before, the studio staff and models work very hard to get you the shot you want. Don't be afraid to ask advice from your studio,models or fellow photographers. If you don't have access to a studio near to you then look on model website such as Purpleport, look for an experienced model if your new to this as they will help you with poses etc. Again doing it this way you don't need fancy equipment if you are using natural light. Above all enjoy your photography.

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