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Behind The Lens

Morrison Springs near Ponce De Leon Florida.
Early morning, about 1 hour after sunrise.
We shot in the early morning because trees sheltered the water from direct sun glare and would make a better softer background. I used a single speed light in a soft box as a fill light and had an assistant hold it out on a pole forward and above the model.
At the time I was shooting a Sony A700 with a Minolta 200mm lens. Im shooting handheld with a single off camera flash and softbox.
I was looking for someone to shoot at this specific location and the model contacted me for a few portfolio shots. She needed some bikini, so we made the spings our shoot location and shot all of her shots outdoors. The green background with the color of the trees showing in the water is really what drove the choice of the location.
Yes, I did do a little adjustment to exposure and sharpening and some contrast, but the morning light was so good that it really didn't require much.
In my camera bag
I still shoot Sony, but today I carry a pair of Sony A7 with a set of Youngnuo wireless flashes, a Sony 24-240mm lens and a pair of small light stands with compact umbrellas.
We all tend to want to shoot when we have time or its convienent, but it makes a world of difference in your photography to get out and shoot during the golden hours of light.

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