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MCBPhotography February 16, 2015
Beautiful x
inesgardea February 28, 2015
Peaceful foto, good job Rosalie
Roussou March 13, 2015
Welcome to VB. Beautiful capture, love the feather, would have liked it if the reflection was complete

IMG_0263 Pond and a White Swan Raw Changed





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Behind The Lens

This image was taken at a large mall that has a nice pond, and a few Swans. What really interested me with this image is the feather right by the Swan. The Swans were pretty close that day, so it was an easy photo shoot. The Mall is located near Bonita Springs, Florida, USA.
The image was taken in the late afternoon during the Winter months (not that it is Winter in Florida), however the Sun is more Southern, during our Winter months.
The light was more of a south west exposure, late in the afternoon. I was a little cloudy the day of the shoot.
The image was taken with my Canon 60D camera, with a Tamron Zoom lens 18 to 270 in length.
My husband and I decided to take a ride to the mall, just to see if we could find the Swans. It's a fairly large lake, so they are hard to find at times. Not only were the Swans close that day, but I also liked the feather close to the Swan.
If anything, I might have cropped the image and added a slight amount of color.
In my camera bag
Canon 60D, with a Tamron 18-270 Zoom Lens, I also carry the Canon Power Shot SX 60, with a 65X Zoom Lens. It's a great point and shoot with an extra long lens, and takes great images.
Even though you think you have the best image of a subject, you may not, just keep going, and take as many images as you can. It will improve your composition, and you will almost always find a better image. A lot of people will tell you to use a Tripod, which is a good idea, however, I rarely use one, but I also have pretty steady hands. That would be your own choice, if you do use one, make sure it carries the weight of the camera. Whatever subject you prefer to capture, just practice, practice and practice.

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