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MY fiancé :)

MY fiancé :)
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JDLifeshots September 22, 2015
Awesome creativity! Congrats.
Boothmeister September 22, 2015
Very good indeed.
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Behind The Lens

I actually took this in my living room! It was right after I'd done a self portrait - my husband loved the theme so much, so we decided to do one together.
It was late afternoon. We had moved furniture aside to reveal a barren wall for my husband to pose in front of. He'd just gotten off work (to be honest, it's rare that we're that productive right after work but it worked for us!). All of our windows were closed!
I bounced my flash off the ceiling and that was about it! It was a really hasty set up!
I shot with a Nikond7100 and an 18-105mm lens. I did not use a tripod, but I did use a flash extension.
I'm always looking to create something that's expressive and conceptual and just generally has a large impact on the viewer. Prior to this, I had posted a similar picture (but it was a self portrait of me), and I had gotten such good feedback from it, I decided to try it again! And thankfully, my husband was down. He's never reluctant to model for me but he rarely ever does. And finally, people can him through my eyes!
Yes! I separated him from the background (and deleted the ugly wall that was originally behind him), and then went crazy with layer masks. I did fix his skin a lot (sorry honey) and brightened his eyes as well.
In my camera bag
The lens I always seem to have readily attached to my camera is my 35mm 1.8 lens (which I love to bits and pieces), and then ready-to-grab is my 18-105mm. Other than an exterior flash, I always have extra memory cards and lens filters. Believe it or not, my bag is actually packed FULL. I really need a new bag so I can grow my collection!
Don't be afraid to experiment in photoshop! When I originally set out to do a self portrait (that turned out to be of the same nature as this one), I had no idea what direction I was going to go. When you feel unmotivated, challenge yourself! Dig out your camera anyway - what kind of stuff can you come up with when you literally have nothing in mind? Some of my most popular shots have resulted from winging it! Embrace every single state of mind, photography oriented or not, and express yourself!

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