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DocTom PRO
DocTom November 06, 2015
Great point of view!
GoodEarthArts January 18, 2016
thanks, it was a fun location to photograph

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken while vacationing in Colorado, USA. I had heard of the Great Sand Dunes National Park, but when I got there I was ecstatic to find such massive sand formations in the shadow of 14,000 ' mountain peaks! Great Sand Dunes, they are aptly named.
This was taken early evening, around 6:30, in the summertime. I raced to the top of the most isolated dune to take advantage of a location void of people and footprints. Because this was later in the day, there were not a lot of people around, but enough where it was a consideration while photographing.
I am self-taught and had become aware of the advantages of photographing at specific times of day. The sun was low in the sky when this was taken- as you can see by the shadows on the dunes, but retrospectively, I think the lighting was optimal a little later. As I was coming off the ridges a few hours after this was taken there were several photographers set up at the dunes' base with equipment ready to capture the impending colors of sunset. I 'm excited to go back and get a shot with deep end-of-day shadows and a rich twilight sky.
I just had my camera with me. I often carry a tripod in my vehicle, but seldom pack it on the trail (I usually end up stabilizing my shoulder against a tree). I have both Sony and Nikon cameras; this was taken with a Sony HX300.
The inspiration for this photo was the location! It was gorgeous to find such contrast in landscape; vast desert sand and looming peaks. I had great fun while capturing it.
Not much, I increased contrast, definition and saturated a bit, done in iphoto. I keep things simple, partially by choice, but also, I am not super techie...perhaps a better use of equipment and software would prove advantageous to my finished images, but for now I am honing my eye, with lots of trial and error.
In my camera bag
Camera, lens cloth, battery charger, cord, extra memory card, and my contact info (precautionary, in case I lose the bag!).
For the image I wanted, I had to place myself where there were no people, or evidence of people in the frame. I had lines and shadows in mind and also wanted to showcase texture and environmental contrast. I tried to think of an angle that would emphasize the largeness of the setting that was felt being there in person. As for advice? I recommend photographing where and what personally excites you; even if a photo goes largely unnoticed, no regrets, you will have had fun in the process.

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