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Take a deep look into your soul and feel the fire.
Design, Styling, MakeUp & Photo: by me
Model: Julia Österreicher ...
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Take a deep look into your soul and feel the fire.
Design, Styling, MakeUp & Photo: by me
Model: Julia Österreicher
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JBJr February 06, 2015
Very nice capture. beautiful imagery. Jim
corneliagillmann February 22, 2015
Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)
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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken in a cave near Vienna (Austria). We had to climb with lots of equipment. We were pretty exhausted when we arrived at the actual location! But we also had a spectacular sight on the peak and it was totally worth it at the end. This photo shoot will always stay in my mind, as one with the most beautiful and most unique location.


I took the picture exactly on 29.03.2014 at 14:18 To create this illuminated feeling, it had to be around midday. Because I wanted to have as much light as possible from above. The stone she is sitting on fell down a long time ago and created a massive hole in the ceiling above her, which illuminates a part of the cave during the right time of the day. Though it was already hot outside, it got really cold inside of the cave due to the air circulation. So we had to take a break between a few shots and went outside to warm up again.


There was natural light from above and from the right. (As I already told you about the hole in the ceiling, where the light could pass through.) I also used a reflector on the front. I was aiming for a rather natural look in this picture and was focusing on the look of the smoke to get this creamy and colorful effect.


I used my Canon 5d Mark II, with my Tamron 18 -70mm lens. I also used a tripod for more stability, an incense burner for the smoke, reflector, make up and lots of smoke bombs. My assistant helped me with the smoke bombs (he hid behind the stone and ignited the smoke bombs). I don't know if you would count him as "equipment".


Well, this was actually my very first self designed and artistic photo series. A month before taking this picture, I thought about creating a photo series with 5 elements (4 are the common ones and I'm going to create one more, but that's still a secret) in a fantastic and original way. As I thought about the location, at first I was thinking of lots of stones and cliffs. I had been searching for weeks and finally found this cave. It was simply perfect. Then I put everything else together. Created the headpiece myself, organized some colorful smoke bombs and chose an appropriate red dress.


The first thing I did, was to adjust the coloring of the cave to match the color of the outfit. Then I did a little dodge and burn, but not too much since I wanted to preserve a more natural look. Last but not least, I did some retouch and sharpened the picture a bit.

In my camera bag

Where shall I start? I got myself some new equipment recently, but I'll try to keep the list short! The body of my beloved Canon 5d Mark II, a 50mm 1.4 lens for a wonderful bokeh and for weddings (especially at the altar, because the lightning in churches is pretty bad most of the time), a 18 - 70mm 2.8 - 4 zoom lens for events and spontaneous photo shoots and of course my favorite lens a 90mm 2.8 for various portraits. When I'm on my way to a huge and complicated photo shoot, it's always better to take more equipment with you, so you will be prepared for eventual problems. Then I'm carrying my two portable flashes and my small external flash (mostly for background effects) with me. Including tripods, light shapers, colored foil, cleaning set and more.


Always keep your models as warm and comfortable as possible. Ask if they need something and be patient, if they might need a break. Be prepared for several situations. As the weather might change drastically, take some umbrellas with you (for you and the model), blankets for the cold surface and air (it can be very cold inside of a cave), something to eat and drink. Make some notes beforehand and make sure to take every shot that you need. It would be a pity if you might have forgotten something. When arriving at home and browsing through the pictures, it's already too late! But the most important thing for me is: Don't hurry and take your time to get everything set up until you take the final picture. Strength lies in calmness.

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