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Remraf June 03, 2015
Great shot!
Flemming June 03, 2015
Good composition and idea, nice light.
glennhart June 03, 2015
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman June 03, 2015
Great work. Congrats on being featured.
tetvet PRO+
tetvet June 03, 2015
great shot. the backlight is superb, congrats
sidekick June 05, 2015
Thank you
catini June 03, 2015
Great shot, congrats on your feature!
sidekick June 05, 2015
Thank you
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud June 03, 2015
Pretty Cool!!
sidekick June 05, 2015
Thank you
nitti June 03, 2015
Creatively done....congrats on the feature
sidekick June 05, 2015
Thank you
FightGuyPhoto PRO
FightGuyPhoto June 03, 2015
Great shot. Really nice work with the lighting and exposure. Congrats on being featured!
sidekick June 05, 2015
Thank you
julianmakaa June 03, 2015
sidekick June 05, 2015
Thank you
Krilivec August 07, 2015
connielynngates September 07, 2015
beautiful work!

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Behind The Lens

I took this photograph on a 200ft rooftop that has an amazing view of the skyline in Birmingham, UK. It was, at the time my place of work and during quiet night shifts, I would often go up there, sometimes by myself but mostly with my camera to capture the landscape.
The shoot began at around 8pm as I wanted to capture the best time for the lighting in the background, with as many lights on as possible. This meant lots of test shots as we continued into the early hours of the morning to make sure I had the shot.
Prior to this shoot, I had seen a few random images while searching the internet, using rim-lighting, where you light up the edges of the subject while they still remain pretty dark or in some cases silhouetted. I really wanted to capture this effect during this shoot and 'think' I pulled it off. I was using two battery powered studio lights fitted with reflective umbrellas, they were placed behind/below the model. There were also large floodlights that lit the building up, I took advantage of these too and they helped with lighting the feathers on the wings.
I shot with my Nikon D5100 using the only lens I had at the time which was a Nikkor 18-200mm. The studio lights, which I borrowed from a friend, were 400w Alienbee's. I also used a 42" reflector to help with the lighting. As well as the equipment, I should also note that I had a lot of help from my friend and wife, Dan & Maz who, among many other tasks held the equipment in place as it was a very windy evening.
I know this is very cliché but I just kind if dreamed the idea up, almost out of thin air...but I think that there were a lot of subconscious influences in there too. I regularly stood on this rooftop during breaks as I loved it up there and I just knew that I needed to use it for a shoot with a model, having already regularly shot the view itself. I waned to shoot somebody who looked like they were admiring it as much as I liked to. The angel aspect was pure chance, one of my colleagues actually found the wings next to the rubbish bins in the same building as one of the residents were throwing them out! These two things combined with, what at the time was a new interest in rim-lighting all just came together.
This particular image had very little post processing. I was still very new to photography and editing at the time and was happy with what I had in-camera. Once uploaded, I just did a little basic noise reduction and altered the brightness and contrast a little...maybe a sneaky bit if cropping too.
In my camera bag
Nowadays I shoot with a Nikon D800 but still carry my D5100...just in case :) I still only have the 18-200mm lens for the D5100 and have a 50mm prime lens and a 24-85mm lens for the D800. As I tend to be a bit of a night owl, I also always have my Manfrotto tripod close to hand and a hahnel Giga T wireless trigger that allows me to take shots while nowhere near the camera which is really useful if you want to feature in a shot or need to be elsewhere while shooting such as running around like a crazy person to achieve a light painting image. I do carry a flash, it is a cheap one that I purchased from Jessops a million years ago and gets the job done, but in general I try to rely on surrounding light and longer exposures.
I think that ultimately, if you already have a good image in your head of what you want to achieve, then in a scenario such as mine with limited equipment it all comes down to trial, error and making full use of your imagination. It was a very long night of shooting but I was lucky enough to have an amazing model and two dedicated assistants to get me through it. On a final note, it my be worth mentioning that although this image was all that I aimed for, it was not the only image I shot. While on the roof I used the backdrop for lots of different unplanned poses and shots and created some images which, after the shoot I preferred over this one! I am still very proud of this image though.

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