Voila Viola

My eldest son's instrument of choice. No flash just a light and a tripod.

My eldest son's instrument of choice. No flash just a light and a tripod.
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Behind The Lens

I took this at my home in Littleton Colorado. I just purchased a new to me camera and was desperate to try it out.
It was a bit after I put my smaller children to bed somewhere around nine or ten pm. I set up some simple lighting and borrowed the viola from my oldest child. He's become much better at playing the viola now than he was at the time of this photo. I actually enjoy listening to it now.
So I experimented with some different lighting techniques that I found on Pintrest a while back. One of them being setting up shop lights instead of flashes. I really appreciated the warmth of the light so I tried it again here. This is a 1000 watt light bulb. Not a mistake actually one thousand watt bulb. You have to work semi quickly because of the heat it produces. Check out the look on my face in my profile picture. The great thing about it is how it's so bright that it overpowers any mild background lighting giving me the extra dark shadows and erasing the stairs in the background. I just laid a black sheet down on a bench and took several photos of different items that evening.
This was taken using a Canon EOS 60D. Setting were ISO 100 F/5.6 1\60. Standard out of the box lens that came with the camera at 49mm. I have been considering a shoot like this again only using a 50mm prime lens. It just seems a bit sharper. I used a tripod and 2 sec delay.
My inspiration for all my photography is I love it. I had seen couple piano pictures with similar depth of field and I wondered if other instruments would look just as good. Also playing around while my son was at his lessons for viola earlier that day. Plus I just purchased a new to me camera.
Very minor adjustments a tiny bit of extra contrast and bumped the saturation a wee bit. I removed some fuzz from the sheet.
In my camera bag
I keep a 50mm prime, a 75-300mm, and the 18-55mm lens, two bodies a bounce flash a couple diffusers. I'm just now trying to possibly sell my work. So that I can afford more and better equipment. I always keep a tripod and shutter release cable with me.
Get out your tripod this can be created using a dimmer light but the exposure time will be really long. The rice bag is a great trick too. Read your cameras manual you can not expect to get the best photos not knowing what your camera is capable of. Search Pintrest for helpful tricks and tips. There's really good ones in there. Learn the rules of composition then break them. In that order.

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