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stevengargadennec February 06, 2015
perfect construction
stevengargadennec February 06, 2015
i,personally am really into framing rules, and this one is one of the kind
FrankEmil April 28, 2015
Fantastic colors!! Well done!!
pedronunoferreira September 05, 2015
So simple and so complete. Excellent. Voted for fungi photo challenge.

Take a seat

Beautiful Boletus edulis.

Beautiful Boletus edulis.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the lawn of the University of the Fraser valley in Chilliwack B.C. These mushrooms are large enough to spot from your car, so I was driving around looking for the perfect specimen. Which I think I did.
This image was taken after work. I usually get off work and then meander my way home taking the most potentially photogenic route. So the time of day was afternoon, probably around 3 o clock.
The time of day wasn't necessarily perfect, but sometimes you have to just shoot when ever. It was a partially sunny day so the sun wasn't too intense. Other then the big ball in the sky, no special lighting was used.
I shoot with a Nikon D5100. I would normally use a smaller lens to take fungi photos, but at the time my other lens was broken so I was forced to just shoot with my 55-300mm Nikkor lense. it is out of the ordinary to shoot like this, but being such a large robust mushroom, I was able to get away with being farther away from the subject then usual. I used a small, low profile , tripod and I used a wireless shutter release to keep the camera still.
Well fungi is pretty much what I started out photographing 4 yeas ago, but for more identification purposes only and not to be artistic. But my wife got me the Nikon last summer and I started messing around with non fungi photos. I took photography in highschool, so the artistic nature was locked somewhere deep in my brain. And as the weeks progressed and I re learned things like the rule of thirds, my pictures became much more enjoyable. I am still very new to capturing eye pleasing photos, so I am still learning. :)
I originally posted this picture right smack dab in the centre of the photo. It was nice, but it was boring. As I learned about the rule of thirds, I re cropped the image to its current state which really made the image in my opinion. Other small adjustments were made in photoshop but I really can't remember exactly what I did.
In my camera bag
Because I am pretty new to this stuff my bag is not full of too many goodies. But I have my tripod, lens cleaning stuff, battery charger, lens hood and my trusty wireless shutter release. I wish I could say I had more stuff but I really don't carry much. When I fix my other lens, I plan to pack that with me too.
I am an amateur so I really feel awkward trying to give advice, as I am constantly learning my self. But a few things I know about taking nice mushroom pics is this: Always move grass or debris out of the way of the mushroom, there is nothing worse then something in the way of your mushroom capture. Always use a tripod. Always use a wireless shutter release. Don't get discouraged by how some people will look at you very funny for taking pictures of mushrooms!! Learn a bit about identification of fungi, it combines 2 very cool hobbies!!!

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