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jleiweke September 24, 2013
AlanJakarta September 24, 2013
Superb well-timed capture. Congratulations.
symesie04 September 24, 2013
very nice capture
drakkardarkblade September 24, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
catini September 24, 2013
Nice capture, congrats on your feature!
iceman2 September 24, 2013
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
AliAlzuhair September 24, 2013
Lionel September 24, 2013
great shot,congratulations
tetvet September 24, 2013
cool, nice timing,congrats
SusiStroud September 24, 2013
Awesome, great timing. Congrats on your Feature!
nihilistmia September 24, 2013
great capture congrats on the feature
WileKyK September 24, 2013
Amazing capture! Congratulations on your Feature!
Pwbphotography September 24, 2013
Shocking !!. Awesome shot, very well captured and beautiful detail. Well done on a well deserved award.
oldladyf September 24, 2013
Great catch! Congrats on feature
princessdi6305 September 24, 2013
Wow congrats!!
AK_Swathi September 24, 2013
ethangoodbrod September 24, 2013
Absolutely amazing!! Great Capture!
salmasalmaa September 25, 2013
this is incredible!! Someday I hope to get a lightning shot. What an inspiration!
sandracockayne September 26, 2013
How perfectly captured is this Jules! One of the very best images I've seen in a long time.
Many congratulations on your feature too! (Just noticed this!)
Kudos :)
redwriter September 27, 2013
Great capture. Congrats. - Jake
hiknrun September 29, 2013
SherranAndersen October 02, 2013
Great timing.
guptanikesh October 03, 2013
Great Capture
dalebryant October 03, 2013
Nice sparks!
Photopaul October 14, 2013
Excellent shot! Congrats on the feature.
darrellgillenwater October 27, 2013
Great timing
paultownley November 02, 2013
This capture is packed with so much atmosphere,the timing is fantastic,well done....................
Meggerz December 29, 2013
great shot!
jerzgrl51 January 17, 2015
Great shot! Great timing! Congratulations!!!
JasonAlderman October 24, 2016
Fanastic and powerful shot!

Lightning over Hobart, Tasmania





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Behind The Lens

This was taken from Hobart in Tasmania, Australia. Looking across the Derwent River towards the Zinc Works.
This was at 9.50 pm on New Years Eve. It made the fireworks at midnight quite boring by comparison.
Keep safe.
I used my Pentax K10D and tripod with my 18-55mm kit lens. 32mm, 30 sec exposure at f11, 100 iso and a cable release.
We virtually never get lightning storms here so when on came I just had to get some photos. It was on my bucket list.
I did very minimal post processing, just auto levels and auto contrast and a little cropping. I let the lightning speak for itself.
In my camera bag
This was an old image from New Years eve 2009 , so I have a different things in my bag now. I currently have My Pentax K3, a Pentax K5. Lenses: Pentax 50-135mm f2.8, Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6, Pentax Macro 100mm f2.8 Sigma 28-70mm f2.8, Pentax 50mm f1.4 and sometimes my Sigma 150-500mm Manfrotto 055XPROB Lee system ND Grad Filters, Lee ND400, HiTech ND Filters. Metz 50 AF-1 Flash
When photographing lightning expose for the image and composition. Not for the lightning. Any background street lights need to have their light controlled. This image I used f11 with a 30 sec exposure and 100 iso to control the street light and have picture quality and let the lightning take care of itself. It is brighter than any artificial light source and will be captured. Have a long enough exposure to capture any lightning about, and F stop to control any artificial lights and low iso for picture quality.

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