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Balance Of Power 9

Wendy Lindquist, a local fitness and bodybuilding trainer and dancer performing strength moves on an aerial hoop.

Even though I was there shooting...
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Wendy Lindquist, a local fitness and bodybuilding trainer and dancer performing strength moves on an aerial hoop.

Even though I was there shooting the whole series for her, I'm still blown away when I see her fantastic form and strength in these images.

I hope you find them inspirational as well.
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toml721 Platinum
toml721 April 26, 2016
GREAT work, very sensual and tasteful !!
Montethephotographer PRO+
Montethephotographer April 27, 2016
Thanks so much Tom!
joshinround April 26, 2016
She is ripped, and the lighting is phenomenally smooth.
Montethephotographer PRO+
Montethephotographer April 27, 2016
Thanks so much Josh!
EmseeArt March 23, 2019
A counterpart to DaVinci’s “The Vitruvian Man”. Excellent wor k - composition, lighting, idea!
Your model looks like an old friend of mine from teenage years who has made quite the name for herself these days. She started out in competitions for pole then moved onto cirques soleil in and choreography for the Michael Jackson One show and has been in numerous movies and music videos. She is insanely built and her arm strength incredible. Her name is jenyne aka butterfly. I last saw her over 19 years ago. I miss her, by chance is she one of these extraordinary strong and beautifully elegant models? Your photos are stunning. Well done

Behind The Lens

This set was shot at The Goddess Movement, an aerial arts dance studio here in Abbotsford, British Columbia (Canada). The owner and director of the studio, Aryn Savard, was fantastic, choreographing and spotting Wendy Lindquist throughout the entire session. Seriously, if you can have a professional dancer and choreographer involved, take them up on it.
Considering I wanted complete darkness in the studio, the time of day doesn't really come in to play at all. The studio is windowless, which is my favourite way to completely isolate and control the light.
My goal was to highlight Wendy's incredible definition and physique. In order to do that, I used 4 lights, two weaker strobes for accents and fill, and two stronger strobes for hitting her from deep angles to accentuate the cuts and definition on her muscles. All the strobes were fit with simple bounce-back umbrellas.
This was with a Canon 5d MII I think. Other than that, strobes, wireless triggers, and my 24-105 L lens.
I've been a massage therapist for nearly 20 years. The way the human body functions, when cared for, is pure inspiration. How far we can push ourselves to achieve strength, grace, and movement fascinates me. Fortunately, so many incredible people in my life are also driven to achieve beautiful things with their bodies, so that gives me a pool of beautiful canvases to draw from and create these sorts of images.
Post-processing is simply a huge aspect of modern imaging. How far we push that is determined by our skill and vision. That being said, I really can't stand the way many magazines portray people. Between the inhuman pore-less appearance on Cosmopolitan to the air-brushed beyond human resemblance of so many others, I don't believe that this does anyone any favours. Women are, generally speaking, far too harsh in self-judgement. Presenting physically impossible-to-achieve goals as though they are real is just cruel to them. Don't kid yourself, men are bad for this as well, just in different aspects of our self concepts, and we are fast catching up with the unreal expectations of ourselves as well. If I do extensive post work on an image, there isn't any doubt that it's an art piece and not a realistic portrayal of a body. This series of Wendy is completely real. I did clean up the background of distractions, I may have done some minor surface touch-ups, but they are only minor. If she looks taller than she is, it is purely perspective. Her physique is the result of more than a decade of hard work, not steroids, not touch-ups, - this is absolutely real. I converted to black and white after cleaning up the background, which I believe is a good rule to go by. Do the clean up, any skin balancing and so on, then do the photo treatments. You will find far fewer pixel issues that way.
In my camera bag
Besides the normal stuff like camera, flashes, triggers, strap, batteries...that's pretty much what everyone carries. I also take along a bag with massage oil, water spray bottles, sometimes mineral makeup, military style smoke grenades in many colours (sounds much more dangerous than it is), a collection of funky jewelry (some I make, some I collect), a prop bag with masks, ropes, tape, chains, some wardrobe stuff like underwear that the model may not have that works better under the outfits... It really depends on the shoot, and sometimes I also pack a variety of weapons such as swords (blunted unless actually working with a professional and experienced martial artist), a bow, a variety of firearms (not loaded...seriously, should I have to say this??) and if it's the right person, strong man equipment and so on.
Control your light. Shoot with the highest quality in mind, edit with the highest quality in mind. You don't want to be told that a magazine wants to publish your image and then have to go back in and re-create the editing so that it can be sent in full size. I always save in 3 formats - PSD or TIFF (lossless), JPG for uploading, resized and watermarked jpg for sharing (1920x1920) I like using ACDSee for my cataloging and organizing uploading, although there are certainly other options. That's just been my choice for about 15 years and I know it well. I hope you find this useful, and feel free to follow my online profiles and feeds, they're all over the place. Publicity is king and word of mouth is one of the few useful ways to make that happen. Besides, I love hearing from those who enjoy my work just like every other artist...let's face it, we're all a bit fragile and love the validation :). If you've managed to read this far, thanks for that. I'm off to get the studio ready for this afternoons' fitness shoot - have a fantastic day! Monte Arnold Fly in the Eye Photographic Arts.

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