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A man with a hat sitting on a sofa, drinking his pains away.

A man with a hat sitting on a sofa, drinking his pains away.
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maxmanus glennhayden vbovbo Inquinata nikosladic Swiegers
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katrinakiefer maryruth2011 lookingthrumyeyes01
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Paul_Joslin charlesdpeters iangledhill
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wilfredvantilburg irisbraun NazZzaR

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maryruth2011 PRO
maryruth2011 February 14, 2015
A picture speaks a 1000 words, and this one says volumes...black and white tones are perfect on this one, you captured the mood really well...
katrinakiefer PRO
katrinakiefer March 05, 2015
I know this feeling with aching clarity. Exceptional, I mean REALLY exception work in your entire gallery. I shall spend some very enjoyable time really looking at each one. And thank you for the peer award. Coming from you, delightful.

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