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Wendel September 07, 2013
Well seen and captured. Lovely composition!
vikasdatta September 26, 2018
Thank you, Wendel!
sisirakumarabandara September 07, 2013
Nice framing..beautiful shot..
vikasdatta September 26, 2018
Thank you!
parthgupta September 07, 2013
Beautiful photo and amazingly composed!
vikasdatta September 26, 2018
Thank you, Parth!
JDLifeshots September 07, 2013
Amazing capture! Awarded.
vikasdatta September 26, 2018
Thank you!!

Petals in the Wind





Contest Finalist in Drone Photography Project
Contest Finalist in Stunning POV Photo Contest
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Behind The Lens

I am a self taught photographer and this photo was taken when i was just getting the hang of aerial photography. It was this photograph which gave me the confidence to keep going
This photograph was shot at about 10 am, when the light was good. Since the shot was from a moving platform, there was no scope for a second chance. Fortunately the light was good and the shot worked.
The lighting was mid morning natural light and it wasnt too harsh.
I used a hand held Canon 70 D with a 24-105mm lens.
I love aerial photography because of the different perspective it offers. I use this style to photograph everyday going about their everyday lives....from a different perspective.
There is some post processing such as minor cropping and increasing the clarity, sharpness and colours.
In my camera bag
The equipment I carry depends on the type of shoot I'm going for. For an aerial shoot, i usually have on 24 - 105 mm lens because that gives me a decent amount of view. Sometimes i pack in a 70-200 mm to get some close ups from the air.
Aerial photography is challenging and doesn't afford too many second chances and retakes. The light, position and frame have to be seen, analysed and the shot composed in a very short time. The results can be spectacular and thats what makes this type of photography so interesting.

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