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Baby-sitting...Grandfather Style





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DuffyDoherty PRO
DuffyDoherty September 25, 2014
Great job capturing the Joy of children!
billrosch PRO
billrosch November 09, 2014
Thank you...I am sorry about my delay responding
ImDivergent1007 Premium
ImDivergent1007 February 20, 2015
Omg I love love this photo. Are they your kids or grand babies, nieces, nephews? If I had to pick the winning photo this would be my choice. I love to photograph children. We are so young and innocent during childhood and some of the funniest, saddest, excited, and worry some faces come from us as kids. I know my two constantly amaze me whether it's a good day or bad one every day and some of the things they say are just down right funny smart and leave me scratching my head as to how they know some of they're favts. Just a great creative stunningly page stopping photo right there. Talent at its finest if I say. If it was in a magazine I'd stop the page. Great capture