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canon 70d, 18mm, f-5.6, 1-250, ISO 500. One speed light back right of the camera.
I took this at the local fire department....
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canon 70d, 18mm, f-5.6, 1-250, ISO 500. One speed light back right of the camera.
I took this at the local fire department.
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the Red Springs voluntary Fire Department just north of Tyler, TX, USA. At the time I took this I was just starting to learn about flash photography. We opened up one of the doors at the department where we could have a nice dark background but, still see a fire truck behind the subject.
This was a shot I had wanted to take for a while but, did no have the equipment to be able to shoot it since it was a night shot just after dark. Once I got my umbrella and sync cable I was finally ready to take on this shot. Luckily for me the subject just so happens to be my brother Cole, so he was patient with me while a played around with my equipment, and got my settings right.
This shot is proof you don't always have to have expensive equipment. I used a YN560 iii speedlite and a cheap sync cable along with a stand and shoot through umbrella. Sure it would have been nice and more reliable to have had a couple of 600ex-rt's and trigger but, for some one starting out in flash photography this setup worked great.
I used a canon 70d with an 18-135mm lense along with a YN560iii speedlite, sync cable to get off camera and, stand with shoot through umbrella.
We had a local fire fighter that had been badly injured in a fire when the roof collapsed on top of him. I wanted to some how pay tribute to the men and women that put their lives on the line for the rest of us. Although I did not have everything I wanted to have for this shot such as a smoke machine and more remote triggered speedlights, I felt that this firefighter holding his axe at night showed they are always standing guard and ready to sacrifice for us.
I only shoot in RAW so I proces all of my work through Adobe Light Room and, Photoshop when needed. In this case I just processed in LR adjusting the colors to a point I liked.
In my camera bag
When I started flash photography all I had was that YN560iii witch only cost $50 but was surprisingly good. I started working more in flash photography so i had to get the right equipment for just about any job. I still carry the YN560iii but, I also carry 3 canon 600 ex-rt's and my canon at-e3-rt. I love how I can control all my speedlites from my camera without having to go back and forth to my units. I don't carry the sync cable any more. The devices that plug into the hot shoe are just to unreliable for me. I carry my canon 70d soon to be a 5d mark iii :) along with my 5mm 1.4 and 18-135mm 3.5-5.6. I also carry a snoot and color gels as well as a small hand held soft box I like because it is so portable. When I need to I carry my 3 stands and umbrellas.
The setup for this shot was pretty easy. I placed one difussed speedlite up high back camer right. One thing I have learned is to always be aware of where you might make a bad reflection. I had to move around a bit before I found a nice spot where the face shield was not reflecting light back at me. Lastly you don't have to be Ansel Adams to take a great picture. Sometimes it's just being creative enough and daring enough to make it happen. Lastly, you don't have to have the best equipment or wireless capability. The cheap things can do a lot of what you might want to shoot. Even making your own equipment like reflectors, snoots and diffusers can be a good way to go if your on a budget like I am.

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