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d e l i c a t e 10426

d e l i c a t e 10426

d e l i c a t e 10426
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Contest Finalist in Windows In Nature Photo Contest
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Windows In Nature Photo ContestTop 10 class
Windows In Nature Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
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melsteinberg January 09, 2015
very nice
RDVPhotography PRO+
RDVPhotography January 28, 2015
What a nice sky.
Remraf June 06, 2015
Great shot!
aaronmagsig June 06, 2015
Love the colors great shot
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman June 06, 2015
Stunning image. Congrats on being featured.
nitti June 06, 2015
What a beauty....congrats on the feature
redwriter PRO
redwriter June 07, 2015
Beautiful image. Nice work. - Jake
hwishnick PRO+
hwishnick June 19, 2015
Great shot at the perfect time and place.
soumyajitbhattacharyya July 16, 2015
sir u r great .....
respect u sir
Hikariphotography PRO
Hikariphotography January 09, 2016
Stunning capture. Beautiful sky and framing.
EyeContakt-Photography January 17, 2016
This is a 100% a collage... You have a photo or an image of Canon beach, super imposed on another photo/image of a landscape. One can clearly see that the rock formations and textures are not consistent with each other.. Could actually be three photos or images, because the mountains in the background don't fit in with the rest of the landscape either.. Just a friendly critique...
philipesterle PRO
philipesterle January 17, 2016
No part of this image looks like Canon Beach. This image is an HDR image, but every frame was taken at the exact same spot. ????
EyeContakt-Photography January 17, 2016
if you're going to create a collage in photoshop etc.. at the very least make it look realistic , because others might have a better eye in picking up inconsistencies such are found in this photo..
philipesterle PRO
philipesterle January 17, 2016
Except it's not a collage. Apparently you've never seen other images of Delicate Arch, because you'd see the LaSal mountains in the background in all of the shots from this angle.
RickL PRO+
RickL Jan 11
Exceptional composition

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