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DAPhotography August 18, 2013
The beauty of mother nature. Nice shot.
kyleames August 18, 2013
Very nice shot
MickAlicic May 05, 2016
Beautiful shot! Voted in Trees.

Tree Gone Wild





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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Bradenton, Florida at a native American museum.
This was taken somewhere midsummer in middle of a day when the son was the harshest.
As the sun was right above the tree produced aome harsh shadows so i took three exposures just ao i can eliminate the shadows as much as possible.
This image was taken with my Canon 50D (still think this is one of their best cameras made) mounted on a tripod and shot with the wide angle lens Sigma 10-20mm.
We were actually gotten lost driving around and exploring new territories and ended up finding this spot by mistake. The landmark was basically where the conquistadors have docked few hundred years ago in search of gold and using natives as guides which in turn ran them in circles until most of them died off from exhaustion, hunger or disease. The tree looks like it is alive and it just looks so inviting, plus provided for an excellent shade.
When it comes to landscape i only shoot in raw and this image is combination of three wxposures which allowed me to recover a lot of details from the shadows and some highlights that were overexposed due to harsh sun.
In my camera bag
When i go out shooting I mostly try to stick with one camera one lens, so I would keep either the wide angle lens on the Canon 50D or the 70-200mm depending what I'm shooting that day. I'm fortunate enough to have 2 camera bodies so on my Canon 5D Mark ll i usually will just keep a 100mm macro lens. Plus I will always shoot few frames with the cell phone camera and post process right in the phone.
Florida weather could change by the hour, from beautiful thick clouds to thunderstorms and lighting to no clouds and harsh light. Whatever the circumstances always look for opportunity shots whether it is indoors or outdoor.

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