Behind the Screen

Build out of two shots - One shot consists the room with the old tv, the other one is a self portrait i took through a dirty window....
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Build out of two shots - One shot consists the room with the old tv, the other one is a self portrait i took through a dirty window.
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laminin January 03, 2015
WOW. This photo is awesome, super inspiring! Thank you so much for joining my challenge!
larysa January 04, 2015
Thank you :)
Oceansphotography June 13, 2015
Wow this photo should have been in the haunting challenge. You did submitted one....amazing by the way. My fault I only allowed one Love this!
nikolaihessenschmidt August 19, 2015
Fantastic image, I loooooooooooooooooove this!
adavies PRO
adavies March 13, 2017
Fantastic! Really well done! Love it! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Beautiful Urbex challenge:)
matteoBridges July 26, 2017
Love it!!!!!

Behind The Lens

This photo consists of two photos, which have been taken at the same place. It was an old nursery home, which has been abandoned in 2002. I visited this place with a friend of mine, who wanted to take photos of me in the abandoned church (which belongs to that place too). It wasn't my first visit here, but my friend never have been there, so we wandered through the house to see what was left in there and so we found the room with the TV.
It was a really cold day in November and when we arrived there we allready felt frozen. Both Photos were taken in the afternoon at this place.
I only used the available light to create both photos.
I used my Nikon D90 with the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm.
To be honest: There was no inspiration at all. It was a fun shot and at the moment both photos were taken I never thought about creating something out of it. Months later I had to create a flyer for a party and got the offer to use the back to promote myself. So I thought about creating something expressive, which people will remember when they look at the back. I searched through my pictures and found the two Photos: One is a Portrait of me standing behind a dirty window, the other one was the shot of TV - so I decided to do something creepy out of it.
Hell yeah, this Photo lives from the post-processing. If you could see the original photos, which had been used to create this, you would definitley say that they are boring. At first I edited the shot of the TV - I created a creepy look with colours, gradients and vignetting. After adding some contrasts to get the dark and intense look I was ready with the first step. Now I placed the Self-Portrait of me behind the dirty window on the tv screen and masked out the stuff I don't need (and which didnt fitted into the screen). I used the overlay mode and some film grain on the tv screen with my portrait to give it the look of a real tv screen. That's all! :)
In my camera bag
I will make a short list to show you what I have normally in my bag - but at first let me tell you what bag I use, because I love it as much as my equipment! It's the Lowepro Flipside 400 and because I carry a lot of stuff during my trips it's the best bag I can imagine at the moment. Inside my bag you can find my Nikon D90 and my lenses: Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm, Walimex Pro Fish-Eye 8mm, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm and the Sigma 10-20 mm F4,0-5,6. The lenses I use the most for creating my shots are the 35mm (for close-ups and portraits) and the 10-20mm - the Sigma is absolutley essential for me and I can't imagine my photography without it anymore.
It's easy to capture something similar. Just try it! :) As you can see I didn't take the shots I used for this on purpose and it was created out of a situation, where I had the idea to try something like that. Just be creative and curious - than you can create something like this as well :)

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