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AliAlzuhair August 12, 2013
SherranAndersen September 20, 2013
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Congrats on your finalist award in Destination Contest.
rmr731 September 23, 2013
Beautiful! Congrats on your making finalist!
tlotter September 23, 2013
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mloiz September 24, 2013
Nice capture!!
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Great shot!
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nice shot congrats
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perfect timing! just lovely! congratulations!
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stunning..Congrats! (:
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Beautiful capture of light and sun. Congratulations.
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Very nice job. Congrats on being featured.
Olwen June 23, 2015
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nice catch for the light placement! ;)
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Wonderful sunrise back lighting effect.....great capture. Congrats on the feature..
SherifSK July 28, 2015
great shot
icemanphotos September 04, 2015
Excellent image!
barbaramillesrobinson April 05, 2016
Stunning colors and lighting. Voted Adventureland. Good Luck!

Key West Sunrise

Daybreak in Key West - -
Daybreak in Key West - -
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Contest Finalist in Coastal Landscapes Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in Tropical Sceneries Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in Destinations Photo Contest by brooks institute
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Behind The Lens

Key West is one of those places that you can just get lost in tropical bliss... Friendly people, great food and an atmosphere that makes you forget that cold temperatures ever existed! I did spend a couple frustrating days looking for a suitable photographic set up. By the time I found this very iconic pier, it was evening, but I wanted to photograph it during the morning sunrise.
I had just one day left and the next morning was my last shot at getting anything. I awakened early and found my spot. This was a limited spot because property was strictly fenced off. I figured it would compose nicely anyway and placed my camera on the tripod and waited.
This is one of those shots that is the perfect time and place! I could not have begged for a better set up! The Sun sprang up right in the end of the pier - framing it up as if I lived there and waited all year for this alignment! I snapped away excitedly until a few minutes went by... then it was over. The perfect timing and place along with a beautiful color palette was already looking promising in the tiny review camera window. I could hardly wait to get back to the studio to do test prints.
I used my Sony A77 placed on my Benro Tripod along with a wireless remote release. Other equipment I used was a neutral Grad Filter
I really was looking for that iconic Key West photo. I thought it would have a palm tree in it.... but that is a good lesson about photography - sometimes your vision is taken on a trip of unknown variables and situations - one aspect I love about it all!
I shot this image RAW and used HDR techniques so I adjusted the color and levels. This was my approach to this shooting situation because of the high contrast of the unfolding light.
In my camera bag
Sony A850, Sony A77, Sony A7R, Sony Lenses, Benro tripod, Cokin filters, Cine packback, EZ Leveler, Big Stopper, CP polarizers, Lightning Trigger, Remote shutter release, cell phone, treats, warm hats- beanies, extra batteries
Don't be afraid to shoot in times of the day where everyone else goes home. Low light situations are a most revealing photographic world to be discovered! And play with capturing the sun flares as well. Different lens have different effects. Also, don't be afraid to shoot many different exposures with slightly different settings. This can help you find and experiment with endless possibilities - ones you may never consider!

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