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jimhelmick May 24, 2015
I'll take six! Great shot.

beer thirty

close up of a bud beer in studio

close up of a bud beer in studio
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Behind The Lens

This is a studio shot for a client
Time of day is not relevant because it was lit in a studio
White backdrop with the product Budweiser bottle of beer, spritzed with water and a slight mix of sugar, very little just enough to give the shine. The lighting was a strobe in a soft box overhead, and a strobe from behind with a snoot for a back light.
Nikon D 200, Nikon 60mm Micro Lens, 2 strobes, in the studio,
A client needed shots of beers
Not on this image, its straight forward. Although shooting in RAW you always need to color correct. I use Photoshop for that!
In my camera bag
I usually do not carry a bag in the studio. I take a couple of camera bodies and a case of lenses that I believe I will need for the shoot. Extra batteries, cards, and so on. I have 4 bags that I use depending on the shoot. Lets start with a small shoot and I don't want to carry a lot of gear. Small Bag Nikon D200 4 batteries 60mm Micro 12-24mm 180mm extra cards go pro + batteries Small Bag 2 D7100 Nikon 4 batteries 60mm micro 12-24mm 300mm extra cards go-pro + batteries Medium Bag Nikon D800 Extra Battery grip Bat Extra cards 15mm Zeiss 60mm Micro 85mm Zeiss 70-200 zoom Flash Go Pro + Batts Large Bag Nikon D800 Second Body D7100 Extra Batteries / cards 15mm Zeiss 16mm Fish eye 50mm Zeiss 60mm Micro 85mm Zeiss 300mm Nikon 70-200 zoom Zucto Finder Flash
Digital is cheap, shoot, shoot, shoot and keep shooting. Take notes of what you did so you remember how and why you got the great shot! In the studio learn lighting rules and then you can break the rules and do what you want!

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