Rhinstones - Angel

Rhinestones on an "Angels" Body with Wings on her Back in a dark Scene.
Model is Lara von Känel, known from the TV Show "Der Bachelor" in Switzerland.<...
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Rhinestones on an "Angels" Body with Wings on her Back in a dark Scene.
Model is Lara von Känel, known from the TV Show "Der Bachelor" in Switzerland.
Rod Meier - Studio Photography, Ulm
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4 Comments | Report
Ingleman January 17, 2015
Wow.Superb artistry!
The-Art-of-Darkness PRO
The-Art-of-Darkness January 26, 2016
pietnel June 27, 2017
Awesome brilliant work amazing shot
michaeldahlvik September 30, 2018
Awesome she is absolutely innocent what an Angel.

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Behind The Lens

I took the photo in my Studio in Ulm/Germany. It was a well planned day for a bodyart shooting with self-adhesive rhinestones on the models body. The MOdel is Lara von Känel from switzerland - a really awesome model. Next shooting with her will be soon :-)
Time doesn´t really matter in the studio with studio flashes... But this shot was taken during a long session in the afternoon.
I used 3 studio flashes. One to lighten the background behind her head. One from the front top right of the image to lighten the face and body - main light. And a third flash from the left side to fill the shades with a little bit of light.
I used a Canon 5D MK II, 3 Studio Flashes from Richter Studio/Germany. I never use a tripod in the studio for such a shooting to be much faster for the perfect position to take the photo..
I really like doing lowkey photos on skin. I love to play with light floating arround a models body to catch the light and shadows. The idea to do this with rhinestones... I searched something to put on the models body. In ebay you get a lot of rhinestones in different colors, sizes and types. So a good idea for every photographer to do such a photo.
I used a lot of dodge/burn effect, retouched the skin and added the star lightning behind her head. That´s all...
In my camera bag
Canon 5D MK II, Sigma 70-200/2.8, Canon 28-104/4.0, Canon Clashes. Depending on the type of shooting I have a big battery pack for my 500/750Ws Studio flashes with 220V. It´s enough power for about 500-1000 Shots every...
The rhinestones on the models body... Don´t use to small rhinestones (5-6mm or bigger). If they are to small, they drop off. Let a little bit of space between the rhinestones because the model moves and if they are to close, they also will drop down. Be creative where to place the rhinestones. It´s possible to produce a kind of art with rhinestones on a models (nude) body...

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