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grey skies





Contest Finalist in A Storm Is Coming Photo Contest
People's Choice in Lonely Tree Photo Challenge
Contest Finalist in Paths And Trails Photo Contest by SteeleTraining
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A Storm Is Coming Photo ContestTop 10 class
A Storm Is Coming Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
500 Gray Skies Photo ContestTop 20 class
500 Gray Skies Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
TamronTop 10 class
TamronTop 10 class week 1
Paths And Trails Photo Contest by SteeleTrainingTop 10 class
Paths And Trails Photo Contest by SteeleTrainingTop 10 class week 1


28 Comments | Report
akhtarkhan July 25, 2013
Grey sky and a lonely tree in wonderful grown field.......simply so beautiful. Nice composition and detail. Amazing capture.
iceman2 July 25, 2013
Excellent capture with the beautiful yellow foreground playing against that very dark sky with that lone tree!
Gaydee July 28, 2013
Timeless it ! :)
roboto July 28, 2013
Nicely done, love the ominous atmosphere!
mylene_ralph July 29, 2013
Love the contrast between the ground and sky, well done.
ChrisKIELY July 29, 2013
Carli July 29, 2013
excellent shot! congrats :)
MariposaRosa July 30, 2013
Awesome color, leading line and composition! Love the backdrop the dramatic sky gives this shot!
Wayne_Sr PRO+
Wayne_Sr August 04, 2013
Awesome capture!
katikaputt October 09, 2013
Stunning, the light, the tree, everything, great composition
DaveMount Premium
DaveMount October 22, 2013
something else fantastic
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 November 13, 2013
Fantastic capture! Congrats on being a finalist!
Arzhtatiana PRO
Arzhtatiana November 13, 2013
Well done! Congratulations!
aimeemcmasterphotography November 14, 2013
Spectacular! Congratulations!
sisirakumarabandara November 14, 2013
Great shot...Congrats...
jleiweke November 14, 2013
JHPhotos PRO+
JHPhotos November 14, 2013
Congrats! Wonderful shot!
Spijkerboer November 15, 2013
SherranAndersen November 15, 2013
francescorusso November 21, 2013
Very nice
NinaKling PRO
NinaKling February 07, 2014
amazing shot - great light and atmosphere!! Well done
Timbo March 24, 2014
Fantastic colour tones...... Great compostion and a brilliant capture of the moment.... Awarded
debsbain PRO
debsbain November 05, 2014
ntgreen November 11, 2014
Lovely sense of aloneness ... not lonely ... not with all that yellow! Wonderful photo!
adriansart January 16, 2016
Wow Nick now this has terrific moods and atmosphere and the composition in perfection as well!
Flosno October 26, 2016
CONGRATULATIONS on this win....well deserved
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden October 26, 2016
Congrats on your great People's Choice Challenge Win!
ARedFox October 26, 2016
Love the ominous sky against the foreground of yellow wheat. Nice image!

Behind The Lens

I took this photo when I was out and about with work. I work for an agricultural company so get to travel round various farms during the summer. I was crop inspecting this wheat field when I noticed the dark skies ahead. I nipped back to my van to get my camera and hoped the sun would stay out as when it's behind or above you illuminating the grey skies it's just fantastic to see. The idea was for the tractor tram lines to lead you to the tree. My only regret is that the I wish the bushes just showing on the left of the tree on the horizon weren't there. I couldn't get down low enough to miss the out. Maybe I need to learn how to use photoshop or similar.
It was about noon so the sun was high in the sky.
The lighting was too good an opportunity to pass up. One of the best times to use the sunlight I think is when it's illuminating the dark clouds of an impending storm.
The only equipment I had was my trusty Fuji HS10 bridge camera.
The lighting was the initial inspiration but the lines leading to the tree were a close second. I've read enough in photography books and websites to know that leading lines can work a treat in a shot.
The only post-processing I used was a little crop and a bit of straightening.
In my camera bag
Being on a seriously tight budget, at present I only have my Fuji HS10, a Raynox dcr250 macro lens, a few filters and a fish eye lens. Pretty basic stuff really.
The advice I would give is to use those lines and make the most of the lighting. A focal point is an added bonus so I was lucky with the tree.

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