San Jaun at Fall





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ToddGrivettiPhotography PRO+
ToddGrivettiPhotography January 15, 2015
Another great shot! Well done.
helennickisson January 18, 2015
Lovely colours!

Behind The Lens

This is a small town in western CO called Ridgway. The town sits at the base of the San Juan mountains. If you take the road to Telluride you have to cross Dallas Pass. There are several excellent opportunities for photos on this road.
This was in the middle of the day. It was late fall and most of the leaves had fallen off the aspens. A couple of storms had rolled through making a decent contrast with the clouds and white snow covered peaks.
This was a pretty normal picture as far as lighting goes. The clouds block enough light so I didn't have to do to much.
The camera is a Canon T3i. I was using a 55mm lens and tripod. Again pretty simple.
When you see the mountains in this part of Colorado it is hard not to be awestruck. Every turn reveals more breathtaking senory. I wanted to capture them all.
For this one I used HDR. I just wanted the colors to pop a little more given it was a bit of a dreary day.
In my camera bag
In my bag you will always find my Canon T3i with the 55mm lens. Then I have 200mm and 300mm lenses for the wild life shots. I also have a 2x extender if the shot is really far away. I like to use my remote to take shots to keep things stable. And a tripod. All this is kept in a Vanguard bag to keep safe and dry.
Just get out there. If you don't explore you will never find new things. Rain, snow, sunshine... There is beauty in everything. That's one ofthegreatthings about photography is that it slows you down enough to see things you wouldn't have thought about looking at before.

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