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Krishna_Kumar July 28, 2013
Great capture! The background colors bring great feel. Also love the title :-). Congrats on being featured!
kasper Ultimate
kasper July 28, 2013
UroshGrabner July 28, 2013
Nice one ...
drakkardarkblade July 28, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please take a look at my work
mylene_ralph July 28, 2013
Nice capture.
Farah July 28, 2013
wow wow wow!
hotpixel PRO+
hotpixel July 28, 2013
Awesome catch... great use of negative space... congrats on your feature !!
debhall Platinum
debhall July 28, 2013
Absolutely beautiful capture! Congrats on your feature!
catini July 28, 2013
Great capture, congrats on your feature!
Thimbee July 28, 2013
Super capture. Well done
mistyvkirsch July 28, 2013
AliAlzuhair July 28, 2013
Lovely shot!
CanonCarolyn July 28, 2013
Wow! Perfect in every way! Even your title! Congratulations on your feature!
cilla8 PRO+
cilla8 July 28, 2013
Awesome capture!!! Congrats on feature!!
GBloniarz PRO+
GBloniarz July 28, 2013
Congrats having finely clicked on this pretty specimen during the height of it's activities!
billndotnet PRO+
billndotnet July 28, 2013
Thanks for the comments, everyone, I really appreciate it =)
VHiggins July 28, 2013
rebeccaM July 28, 2013
Nice !! Congrats !
iceman2 July 28, 2013
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
beetlestone July 28, 2013
Congrats! Wonderfully captured! Nice bokeh and wing stop!
akhtarkhan July 28, 2013
Beautiful humming bird, excellent capture. Congrats on the feature.
LoriLynn13 July 28, 2013
Awesome! Congrats!
QHfilly July 28, 2013
SusiStroud Platinum
SusiStroud July 28, 2013
Lovely shot! Congratulations!
PhotoAlaska July 28, 2013
excellent shot
carlosramos July 28, 2013
Congratulations, awesome capture !
jleiweke July 28, 2013
valzart July 28, 2013
Beautiful & a 5 ***** fave :D
kkat PRO
kkat July 28, 2013
Very nice!! Congratulations!!
wonderwoman627 July 28, 2013
Wow! That is an awesome capture, love it, nice and clear.
bhaguchou July 28, 2013
Nice capture!!
AlanJakarta July 28, 2013
Superb capture with gorgeous colors. Congratulations on being featured.
Tkay PRO
Tkay July 28, 2013
Awesome capture!! Congrats!
redwriter Platinum
redwriter July 28, 2013
Great image. Congrats. - Jake
macropixel PRO
macropixel July 29, 2013
Beautifully captured!
ThompsonsPhotography July 29, 2013
very nice congrats
billndotnet PRO+
billndotnet July 29, 2013
Thanks everyone for the kind words and kudos, it means a lot to be appreciated so much!
mclaybaugh PRO+
mclaybaugh July 29, 2013
great image
rmr731 Platinum
rmr731 July 30, 2013
Beautiful capture! Congrats!
susantayloredens July 31, 2013
Nice capture
jenniferkrieble_5126 July 31, 2013
love your picture
heidistohsstauber August 01, 2013
san_bec September 16, 2013
Too Good!
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 September 30, 2013
Really lovely.
averylamp October 07, 2013
nice shot
PSJPhotography February 04, 2014
Fantastic shot!
originalgum July 04, 2014
WOW... this is a BEAUTIFUL shot. I love it! Well done!
onyanita PRO+
onyanita September 11, 2014
gorgeous capture...congrats on the feature.
galeryann December 05, 2014
Magical beauty! Gorgeous colors and details
mstudios79 December 19, 2014
WOW!!! Great shot.
leewright_0459 PRO+
leewright_0459 November 15, 2016
Congratulations! The creamy background is a perfect balance to the sharp focus you have on the front lower and the hummingbird.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at the Desert Botanical Gardens, in Phoenix, AZ. There are a number of paths through the garden showcasing the variety of flora the desert landscape has to offer.
This photo was mid-morning, about 9 or 10am, as I recall. Living in Phoenix, you learn to limit your activities to avoid mid-day for both heat and incredibly high contrast.
Lighting was mid-morning sunlight, fairly clear day.
This photo was shot with a Canon 5DmkII, mounting a 70-200mm 2.4L.
Birds are the bane of my existence, I swear. Through a combination of a lack of patience and what I consider to be pure malice on the bird's part, it's rare for me to get a good, clear shot. Shooting at F3.5, my depth of field wasn't much bigger than the bird itself. A hummingbird is a high speed technical challenge, but the full, bright sunlight of Arizona offers a great opportunity to open up the aperture to isolate the subject, and get a well exposed shot at high shutter speeds.
Post process is limited to a minor crop and contrast adjustment.
In my camera bag
I shoot primarily with a Canon 5DmkII, with a 70-200mm 2.4L as my go-to lens for a number of photography styles. I'll follow that with a 24mm 1.4L for landscapes and astrophotography, or sometimes a plain ol' 50mm 1.8 'Nifty Fifty' if I'm in a mood. My second body is a Canon 7D, which I love shooting just as much. The crop sensor combined with the 24mm 1.4L produces great images, a favorite if I'm doing street photography. For events, I'll carry both, leveraging a double Spider Holster to keep my hands free and make managing my equipment easy.
Patience is a virtue. I wish I had it. Shooting wildlife takes the patience of a saint, it seems, but I can't stress enough how essential it is to know your equipment well, to be able to adjust your settings on the fly, to get the shot you want, not the shot you get. I tend to shoot in manual mode most of the time, but I understand the moments when it's necessary to switch to aperture or shutter priority mode when shooting 'from the hip', when you see a composition that may only last for a second or two before it's gone forever. Missing a great shot because you weren't sure how to set your camera is a self-kick in the pants I don't relish.

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