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Summer feeling

Summer feeling

Summer feeling
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on my way to home after my work day riding a bike past this golden field. Field was gold, sky was blue with nice white clouds, sun shone through the grain so I dismounted the bike.
It was summer afternoon and this field was close to harvest. When I passed this field next week, there was nothing.
No :) It was so simply as this picture is. I just saw it and I want to capture it.
I had my lightweight configuration in my backpack only (I need space for snack :) ) - Canon 5D markII with Canon 24-70mm.
Inspiration for this was the summer itself and maybe breakfast cereals :) I make rather darker images with autumn or melancholic atmosphere. So I want to have also something more ligthfull and sunny in my portfolio.
All my post-processes are realy simply. I'm using VSCO pack in most of cases and make just some basic tweaks - in this case I just want to have some blue in the sky, so I've decrease the light there. That's all.
In my camera bag
Most of time I carry everything :) Canon 5D MarkII, Canon 24-70mm/2.8, Canon 100mm/2.8, Canon 17-40mm/4 and Canon 70-200mm/2.8, carbon Manfrotto tripod, remote shutter etc. You never know what will come in handy :)
Nothing special :) Just everytime keep Your eyes open.

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