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Nov, 2014

The Thousandth Wish of a Dreamer

My family likes to say that I am a dreamer of impossible dreams and a constant wisher of extraordinary wishes. I tend to a be a day dreamer but I know thats not a bad thing. I am so very thankful for my day dreaming, its where I find a lot of my creative ideas and where I found my drive for creating art. I am so very thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that I was blessed with this year. So to all the dreamers and wishers that are out there I say keep it up because if you can dream it, then it can come true.

“Dare to dream! If you did not have the capability to make your wildest wishes come true, your mind would not have the capacity to conjure such ideas in the first place. There is no limitation on what you can potentially achieve, except for the limitation you choose to impose on your own imagination. What you believe to be possible will always come to pass - to the extent that you deem it possible. It really is as simple as that.” ~ Anthon St. Maarten

Model: Rebekah Pascouau

"The Thousandth Wish of a Dreamer"

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