The Whirly Thingy

The Whirly Thingy

The Whirly Thingy
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sisirakumarabandara July 24, 2013
Hello how are you.. Welcome to VB family..
NeilMac57 September 20, 2013
I would like to thank everybody involved.
PhilipCarnevale October 16, 2013
Neat! I particularly enjoy the art of long exposures.
HelenRea PRO+
HelenRea December 21, 2013
How did I miss this one Neil....nice work indeed! :)))
tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi January 07, 2014
awesome. vtd
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi May 20, 2014
amazing capture ! congratulations !!!!!!

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Behind The Lens

This is a long exposure, which I shot at the local traveling funfair. Which comes to our town twice a year.
I waited till it was dark so that I could maximise the length of my exposure. However as this was shot during the early spring time the time was around 9:30pm ish
The illumination comes from the fairground itself. The only thing that I had to do then was re adjust my white balance to compensate for the sodium street lighting.
As this was shot way back in 2012 I believe that this was taken with the Nikon D3000. That I had then. The lens was just a kit lens Nikon 18-55mm, and it was all supported on my trusty old tripod.
The previous year I shot the Wow! Another of my images. Which was the thrill ride that was from a previous fanfare. Every year they just seem to challenge me with something different. I just love the surprise you get when it all comes together, and works out like this one did.
Post processing is done in Photoshop, and all I do is correct from the daytime white balance of 5600K to around either 32000K - 42000K. Then it's just a matter of a little dodging, burning. Placement of the border, and the text.
In my camera bag
At the time of shooting this I didn't have much kit really. All I really had was the kit lens, that I got with the camera body. However I did have my trusty old tripod that I had purchased many years ago, during my film photography years. That's all I carried around with me then. However as the years have gone by the camera kit has grown quite considerably since then.
Start your exposure around f8,-f16 as this will help with Shutter speed duration. My ISO 100 I try to keep, as this help to keep the noise down. Then you can start with exposures of 20 sec - 30 sec's. You could even get yourself a stopwatch on your phone, or whatever and set your camera to bulb. For exposures above 30 sec's. Go on have a go it's great fun especially when you see the final results.... Thanks for this

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