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NanaSue54 December 07, 2014
Gorgeous!!! :)
erickgarza December 09, 2014
i love the story in this shot!!!!!!!
sweetpea72 December 09, 2014
Gorgeous shot, doin silhouette shots ")
Yasseen December 11, 2014
This is great, the composition is perfect and that sunset looks amazing :D
melda December 26, 2014
Beautiful photo. I really like how it tells a story. I also like how the silhouettes are framed by the trees.
nina050 December 29, 2014
Thank you all so much!
Tlheresasgalaxy January 08, 2015
Love, Love, Love this Picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MK108 February 28, 2015
Fantastic :)
KenBrakefield March 23, 2015
Very good. I love everything about this shot.
mcampi May 16, 2015
This is my favorite of all favorites. As a dog lover how can you not love this boy and his dog at sunset!! Awesome,Awesome,Awesome
DorisSeybold May 17, 2015
AYxAW May 30, 2015
Beautiful, touching, love it
Bozzzzz June 17, 2015
Well done!
chuckrickman October 03, 2015
What a great image and story.
estercastillo08 October 09, 2015
Gorgeous, voted Dark and Bright
nandicmb November 22, 2016
Congratulations on your People Silhouettes Photo Challenge win!
KayBrewer November 23, 2016
Yea, Nina! Winner of People Silhouettes Challenge! You go, girl!
2201_0301 January 25, 2018
Boys best friend
This is amazing! I love everything about it, the angle, the colour, it's fantastic! :-)
carolcardillo Mar 01
Congrats, Nina, on being a Finalist! Beautiful capture!
GigiJim08 Mar 21
Fabulous. Congratulations on your award!

Sunset silhouette

A boy and his best friend
A boy and his best friend
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken with an Olympus 35mm film camera several years ago in southern California on the top of a hill overlooking the family property.
This was taken during a firey sunset at about 6:30 pm on a fall evening.
Sunsets or sunrises almost always provide a beautiful backdrop for a silhouette photo...
This was taken handheld with an Olympus 35mm film camera. No other equipment was used.
The young boy and his best friend sharing a special moment in the light of this rare, beautiful sunset provided a photo op that just couldn't be passed up.
Other than the clean up of dust spots that were left behind when the 35mm slide was converted into a digital image, this photo is "as is" right out of the camera. No other adjustments were made.
In my camera bag
This photo was taken several years ago with a film camera. However, after the digital age arrived, my camera of choice became the Nikon D750 full frame DSLR. I normally used a Nikkor 28-300mm zoom lens, but also carry a Nikkor 24-120mm lens, as well as a macro lens. I always have 2 64gb memory cards in my camera with a 32gb card for backup. Additionally, I always carry a spare fully charged battery and battery charger, UV and polarizing filters for all lenses, a Tiffen variable ND filter, the Cokin filter system, a lightweight carbon fiber tripod, a remote release, and cleaning supplies.
Landscape photographers often have the luxury of returning to a particular place at different times of the day or night (or seasons) in order to capture a scene under different lighting or weather conditions. But since you can't always plan on a sunset, there is a good bit of luck involved. However, planning ahead and knowing where sunsets might occur in different places is always helpful. Obviously, sunsets must be captured in the early evening right in the heart of the "golden hour"; this provides a warm, soft light which in turn reduces the amount of post processing that would otherwise have to be done in order to turn a so-so photo into a great photo.

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