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JDLifeshots November 28, 2014
Great shot!
jules1580 November 28, 2014
fantastic image
ReneeBlake January 01, 2015
Amazing shot ! Congrats !
gondmagdi January 04, 2015
awesome shot !
GBloniarz January 10, 2015
A look of some desperation? What's the story?
Stretton January 10, 2015
perfect shot, you really captured the eyes
lmsusin January 10, 2015
Awesome shot!! Awe, i hope he made it out ok and found a nice place to dry off.
Capture-Life January 11, 2015
looove looove looove this wet cutie !!! (:
AlanJakarta January 11, 2015
Fabulous shot. Congratulations on being a Runner-up.
Cbries January 13, 2015
Great shot, congrats!
pmsirman January 23, 2015
outstanding. I bet you were so excited to capture this image.
barbaramillesrobinson January 23, 2015
Great photo!
Djs62 April 14, 2015
What an amazing piece of photography absolutely fantastic
juliedrummond April 14, 2015
Superb capture, congrats!
melissaannemorris April 15, 2015
jahina April 15, 2015
Utterly beautiful. Well, well done.
ruberti April 15, 2015
che foto spettacolare, mecojoni
JDLifeshots April 18, 2015
thomaszakowski May 15, 2015
way cool capture
maureenrueffer August 20, 2015
How awesome
maureenrueffer August 20, 2015
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kzini August 27, 2015
Awesome image
lizziemellis April 29, 2016
Looks like this fox fell through thin ice, amazing capture well done:-)
TwentySevenSins July 25, 2016
Great shot but aww poor fox got wet
CURUTCHET August 25, 2016
he is on a ice slab?
SusiStroud November 01, 2016
Congratulations on this Excellent Capture!!!
gokcenyuksek March 26, 2018
awesome capture
RobynC May 03, 2018
Congrats on all the awards! Well deserved! Great photo!
isilvaphoto September 27, 2018
Great shot






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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Colorado
it was a somewhat cloudy day around 11am
i love cloudy sky's and the softness they provide
I know I used a tripod but can not recall which camera I used
it was an image taken as it happened. She was running like crazy and got a total surprise when the ice caved in. I am sure you can read this on her face, total disgust of being wet. If you would have been there I am sure you would have also aimed your camera
I did crop some and I believe I used viveza for sharpening
In my camera bag
I am just in the process of changing from Nikon to Canon and my go to lenses are a 70-200mmf2.8 and a 100-400mm. I just ordered the 50mm 1.8 and the 180mm macro which I will include in my bag
Have your camera set up so that you can get fast action. For me that is usually around 1000-1600 shutter speed ISO between 4-800 and 5.6f stop

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