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srimanta July 15, 2013
:)Excellent shot.... :)Sri
TheoEG July 17, 2013
thanks Sri~
SFalagario_photos August 27, 2013
Haha I love this!!
TheoEG August 27, 2013
thank you~ :D
AlanC PRO+
AlanC August 16, 2015
Wow! This photo is suitable for Photo+Graphic Photo Challenge. Please include it. Thanks. :-)
Here is the link:
amielshearer September 02, 2015
That is so clever!!!

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my backyard, where my dad stored some scrape metals along side our fence. It was the dirties spot in my house at that particular moment.
It was around 12 to 2 pm, in a bright daylight. Thanks for the lush sapodilla tree in my front yard, that provides the perfect shades and rays of light,that i needed to take this Imaginary Photo. Not to mention that the cool breeze helps me to stay calm for a long time, just to figure out the angle and settings for this particular shot. I am just an amateur photographer. I spend most of my life standing in the kitchen and cook.
Hmmm... I don't think that what could be a better source of light when you have it from the nature. I understand it does not suit for every occassion. But hey, I do believe once you had a chance to come across one, Go For It..
This was shot handheld on a Canon EOS 550D with canon EFS 18-135mm lens with UV filter attached. Because the object are on the ground level, so I did not use my tripod. Even I tried using my cable release and put my camera on the ground. But I feel like it's not creating the result that I pictured in my head. Therefore I plug out the cable and trying to handheld while controling my stability over my breath. Uh huh.. You're right I'm holding my breath just to adjusting the alignment of my objects over the gridlines. I know that I'm still an amateur, thus I should try to compose it nicely.
The idea started when I was scrolling down over a bunch of cartoon pictures online, and I was ended up seeing a snail cartoon that has no shell in it and looking accros the street and seeing the empty shell (house) which has a plate over it saying the same thing as I trying to showing you in my photo. It turns out better than my imagination. I'm just wishing I could have had the shell-less snail in my frame just to make it more meaningfull. I have no regret to spent my time creating this Imaginary Photo. It sparks the creativity side of me even more. I did not own the camera that I shoot this pic with. It belongs to my dad. I only got a decent smartphone and at least it does a good job when taking pictures tho. It can do manual settings which is so great. The last time that I took the camera with me was in February on my trip to the eastern side of the island. Let's just say that I stole my dad's camera for my trip. Cos I don't even telling him that I'm bringing along his camera on my trip. I only told my sister and my mom with a blink of an eye at the end, and it goes deep in my backpack. Yeah I told them not ask them. All the result of my short trip was in my recent upload in my profile. Sadly it just a short trip. I trying to enjoy everything, while trying to keep the camera safely.
Yeah I did some post processing, just some necessary things like, converting the image into B&W, tuning the contrass and sharpness a bit.
In my camera bag
Last time I travel with it, I packed, tripod, shutter release, UV, CPL & Variable ND filter and of course the cleaning kit. I personally bought the CPL n Variable ND filters just before my trip on February. I still have to learn how to use it properly tho. It's really not something like plug and play kinda thing. Yet I had a great time trying it.
Wowww... I saw lots of pro people here that creating stunning artworks. I don't feel like I am worthy to giving some advice here. I just want you guys (all the viewbug members) to giving me advice by recreating my Temporary Home Photo and let it be an inspiration for me to grow. Receiving the email and to answer all the "Chance to be Featured" questions is by far the best experience I had since I joined viewbug. I'm having a blast and it just so surreal.. I have never been so excited when receiving emails from viewbug saying I got an award.. It's the best.. I can't thank you enough for viewbug for creating such an amazing platform for photography and thanks to all viewbug members for sharing their works. Thank You for such an opportunity. Many Thanks..

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