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dkvart1 November 27, 2014
Elyzabeth January 04, 2015
Mary had a little lamb...come to life! Wonderful!
dareco February 19, 2015
so sweet!!! voted!
KatieMcKinneyPhotography February 23, 2015
SO CUTE! Great capture, what a gem :)
DavidNeesley February 26, 2015
Bravo.....The pinnacle of innocence ...this is perfection..I have drool coming out of both sides of my mouth. I don't care if you shot this with a box camera, this is inspired.
joekirk February 26, 2015
AlanJakarta March 04, 2015
Enchanting image. Congratulations on being the Runner-up.
JDLifeshots March 05, 2015
Adorable capture! Congrats.
Rl1956 March 10, 2015
congrats on runner up, adorable
Bennett537 March 22, 2018

Mary had a little lamb





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Behind The Lens

I took this image at a friends farm in Shady Springs, West Virginia.
It was a very cold day toward the end of November 2014. It was about a hour before sunset and it had just started snowing!
This image is all natural lighting.
I used my Nikon D700 and my 85mm lens.
I do lamb mini sessions every year. There is nothing sweeter then a newborn lamb. This is my favorite lamb picture I took all year!!
I do some quick hand edits in both Lightroom (basic white balance correction and exposure) and then open the image in photoshop and adjust with curves and layers!!
In my camera bag
All I own is my Nikon camera , a 50 mm 1.4 and 85 mm 1.4 lens! They work perfect for me and what I do!!
Capturing children with animals (one of my favorite things) can be a little tricky sometimes! I often let the chil interact for a bit before we start! Make sure your aperture is set high enough so that both child and animla are in focus! Also animals move quickly! Make sure your shutter speed is always set a little higher then you normally would during a portrait session so that if the animal moves suddenly, they aren't out of focus! Animal sessions usually take longer then the average session! It's hard enough getting a child to coroperate, let alone child and animal;)

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