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mkral Feb 03
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on the Rapids





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the beautiful Mreznica river in Croatia.
It was very sunny day and 15:24 in the afternoon was not the most desirable light.
I guess I was a bit lucky to take this photo in the right moment and et a right angle to get nice shadows and highlights with lot of details. Water only adds to this.
Camera was Olympus E-3 with fantastic tele zoom f:2,8 - 3,5, 50-200 mm, @ 101 mm and f:5. Handheld is my usual technique and this photo is taken in this manner also.
The place where I was been at a given moment was with it beauty enough inspirational. The presence of the group of kayakers only added to this. There are a several other photos from the same event on my profile but this one photo is my fav.
As a former Offset printer (I'm retired now), my professional deformation was to get natural look to color on photos I printed. I'm not very skilled with Photo Shop so my post-processing is very basic. Photo developed from ORF (RAW) file was converted to JPG. Some Topaz filters to get some more details. I added a bit of contrast for some punch and some sharpness. That's it.
In my camera bag
This time the Olympus E-3 camera and Zooms Olympus digital f:2,8-4, 12-60 mm, and 2,8-3,5, 50-200 mm was in my bag.
As always it is a mater of the moment. You have to be prepared with appropriate rig at the right place and right time and have to be lucky to use all of this the best way you can.

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