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ntgreen November 20, 2014
Beautifully done ... title is perfect. Bravo!!!
edytakielian November 21, 2014
Thank you!!
barbhoward December 30, 2014
Beautiful, love this !
edytakielian January 02, 2015
thank you so much!
edytakielian March 30, 2018
Thank you ViewBug for selecting my photo! For me, it is a great honor!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken outdoors. My friend stood in the window of an old cottage house in the middle of the forest. It was in the suburbs of Chicago.
This is one of my favorite images. I like to go back to look at my pictures after a long time and discover them again.This was taken on Oct.07, 2014. I remember that it was a warm and sunny day.
It was the afternoon, around 3 pm. It was so beautiful in the forest during October and the light was wonderful. I remember the atmosphere was magical.
This was shot on a Canon T3i (my first camera), with a 40mm canon lens. No other equipment was involved.
My friend is a person who strongly believes in magic. This crystal ball belonged to her. I did not have anything planned, and I have never used a sphere like this in any of my pictures. We just went for a walk. I took my camera, and she took her crystal ball. In the middle of the forest, we saw a small wooden cottage house. It was one of those moments. We were at the right place at the right moment. Everything looked mysterious and intriguing, so I decided to take a few shots... I remember how surprised I was because I saw my friend upside down in this crystal ball. Like I said before, it was my first time experiencing with this crystal ball.
In 2014 I was absolutely new to Lightroom.I didn't use PS at all, so my post-processing was just basic. I just changed the photos to B&W. Black & white reduces the image to its essence: subject, composition, and light. There is no color to dazzle or distract from those basic elements.
In my camera bag
My Canon 6D body, and Sigma 50mm f/1.4, Canon 200mm f/2.8 L, Canon 17-40mm f/4 L.
I never plan on how my photos should look. I'm not good at planning and arranging photos. Sometimes I have an idea in my head but usually its a moment, situation, or just one second of reality that guides me. I like to be surprised by places, light, situations and of course by people.

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