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Roses Are Red

Red rose with water drops on a dark background

Red rose with water drops on a dark background
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People's Choice in Soft and Vibrant Ruby Red Rose! Photo Challenge
Superb Composition
RichardStranacher SueColman SherrylM lilcyberangel KEvanson Lexa_Richards MikeDMags +17
Top Choice
nandicmb shaunbotha JeannieMatteson tracybruzas bobbygirl renmurr kagebaker +9
Absolute Masterpiece
ginorecchia Shireensphotography p_eileenbaltz Hennieb Bobwhite roberttaylor HZatorPhotography +6
Peer Award
chocolatcoco karlbmc Rajesh4588 stephaniefreseneujahr debbieblack_8105 allengardner Norona +5
Outstanding Creativity
snowdon Chynadog mambodan amandajanebuncott lulahbubb Leonarditti
Superior Skill
clarieharrington ChrisBee453 DaveRoyans deegeechapmanenglish ritafayeadams Dacemac
All Star
billmartin_2615 SteveKennedy17 charlesdpeters DavidBuhler
Magnificent Capture
Krikitt Rustybucket8472


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leckie45 PRO+
leckie45 November 16, 2014
Beautiful .. It is so hard to capture red without the flare ... you have done very well here and the drops of water set the shot of very well ... Cheers Trish
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz January 28, 2016
Gorgeous! Congratulations on your People's Choice Award. :)
nandicmb January 28, 2016
Congratulations on your People's Choice category win in Soft and Vibrant Ruby Red Rose! Photo Challenge!

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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken at home in my spare room.
It was a cold November day just after mid afternoon.One of those days when you want to play with your camera but can not think of anywhere to go,
I wanted the rose on a black background as I thought this would complement the red of the rose nicely. For the light I used an off camera speedlight with Pocket Wizards and a little soft box on it to defuse the light a little. The rose was placed on top of a black fish tank lid to avoid bounced light and the backdrop was the black side of a reflector.
The equipment used for this shot was a Nikon D7100, Nikon 105mm macro lens, Nissin i866 flash, reflector, tripod, small soft box (approx 8inch) and a shutter release. To hold the rose upright I simply used a cloths peg.
There was no great inspiration, it was simply a grey day and I wanted to play with my camera. At times like this I will take the opportunity to practice with equipment such as flashes.
There has been little done to the photo. Since it was shot in RAW the black were brought up a bit and a little saturation to the reds. The greens on the leaf were dropped a little so as not to compete with the rose and besides a little bit of cleaning up that is all that was done.
In my camera bag
At the present time I have the Nikon D600 most of the time. The three lenses I almost always pack are the Nikon 70-200 2.8, Nikon 105 macro, and the Nikon 24-85. This combo covers most of my needs but at some time I do want to add a super wide to these. Also in the bag I normally take my Pocket Wizards, flash, Sekonic light meter, small soft box for the flash and a few little things like a blower, cleaning cloth and batteries.
On this shot I set out to play with the flash so I set the power required and handheld the flash to get different angles with more ease. The camera was triggered with a remote so I could keep the flash where it was wanted and since it was on a tripod I manually focused on the rose to stop focusing when I pressed the release. I took lots of shots with the rose with no water drops and moved the flash in a clockwise motion so I could remember where I had it so if I got a shot I really liked I could reproduce it when I sprayed water on the rose. As well as the circle motion I did try moving the flash to different distances from the rose, these were not great movements as I had manually set the flash power, it was more to see the shadows change. I also tried gels but in this case I did not get any results I liked. Play, have fun and try things out. Take a note or use a method you can remember so if you get a result you like you can reproduce it in the future.

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