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Garden in a Waterdrop ...





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sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 November 08, 2014
Gorgeous shot ")
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman November 09, 2014
Many many many photos lol - I was very determined!
JDLifeshots November 09, 2014
Amazing capture!
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman November 09, 2014
Thanks :)
galeryann November 09, 2014
Beautiful capture of the flowers and droplets! :-)
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman November 09, 2014
Thankyou galeyann :)
onyanita PRO+
onyanita November 11, 2014
work of art...stunning!
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman November 11, 2014
Thanks Onyanita :)
cherylwells-hovis November 19, 2014
Beautiful Denise ! :)
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman November 19, 2014
Thanks :)
traceprinslooreppin November 24, 2014
...beautiful :-)
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman November 24, 2014
Thank you Trace :)
dareco PRO+
dareco March 17, 2015
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman March 17, 2015
Thank you Dareco
kathymuhle PRO+
kathymuhle March 22, 2015
Outstanding - congrats on your win!
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman March 22, 2015
thank you so much Kathy :)
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi March 26, 2015
Stunning, excellent, wonderful, amazing macro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman March 26, 2015
Thanks it is a fav'of mine :0)
IrogSinta September 28, 2015
Incredible detail! Wonderful shot!
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman September 28, 2015
Thank you :)
onyanita PRO+
onyanita December 24, 2015
superb capture with beautiful colour and reflections
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman December 25, 2015
Thank you so much Sonja, your pr is greatly appreciated :)
JDLifeshots May 27, 2016
asia_krasuska May 27, 2016
Fabulous shot!
onyanita PRO+
onyanita May 27, 2016've done it again. Congrats on the Finalist Award Denise xoxoxo
UnkleFrank PRO+
UnkleFrank May 27, 2016
Excellent!!! Congratulations on a well deserved finalist award. My compliments.
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman May 28, 2016
Thank you Unkle Frank :)
Parallel June 18, 2016
Denis, my congratulations! Really beautiful 'DROPS"! :))
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman June 18, 2016
Thanks :)
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi June 19, 2016
Congratulations ! Awesome shot !
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman June 21, 2016
Thanks so much =D
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 June 23, 2016
Perfect Congratulations on your award!
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman June 23, 2016
Water is such fun! Thank you Gigi :)

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Behind The Lens

The shot was taken lying on my tummy on the lawn by my garden, I had been looking on the web as to how I can do this technique and pretty much followed their directions. [ I have done this since and use a table set up lol much easier]
About a half hour after sun rise was suggested by the article, so I got up early, set up and started taking shots - I didn't really know what I was doing so I took a great many using different settings, angles and DOF - it really was hit and miss - I was lucky, but I tried everything I could to get it right!
Early morning or late afternoon, apparently, is the best times if you aren't using studio lighting. I had to get a low angle to get this so it made sense to start there ..
Hand held camera as I was changing position often, no flash. I used a bowl of water to dip the flower in as spraying water, as suggested, just rolled off too fast! Also a HEAP of patience as this isn't an easy thing to grasp :) Canon EOS 700D, Canon Macro lens EF-S 60mm.
I had seen so many intriguing photos on VB with this technique, I just had to know how and do it ;)
Crop and balance is all, if it's not in the photo it's too late!
In my camera bag
I am still grasping what it is I really need so have, as yet, the basics. Canon EOS 700D, Prime Canon EFS 18-55mm lens, Canon Macro lens EF-S 60mm, Canon EFS 55-250mm. I also carry a small ground sheet plastic/fabric ,squirt bottle, cleaning kit. Spare batteries ans cards.
If you want to do something similar I would firmly suggest you check the web where there is a wealth of info free. I am just trying as many ideas,strategies, genre's etc I can with my basic kit as this is a hobby.

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