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500 Gray Skies Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
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onyanita PRO+
onyanita November 20, 2014
lovely capture..congrats on being a Finalist.

Behind The Lens

I was on my way to see the birth of our daughter and my wife was already there waiting for me. Then I saw this scene and had to stop (had to), and run out into the field to snap some pics. I did make it to Olivia's arrival on time. I did not tell my wife where one of her favorite photos came from for almost 2 years out of fear :)
About 5 o'clock the storm was rolling in an obscured the mountains, which I would normally want in the photo, this just worked.
The storm made a very neutral, but low, light. I needed an exposure that would light the shadowed side of the barn without blurring the features of the clouds. In the end, I made it a mild HDR fusion of 3 images.
Canon 5D MkIII and Manfrotto aluminum tripod
Fear that I would never have that scene again. I was too right. The barn blew down soon after. So sad as it was over 100 years old
Photomatix 3 image fusion and Photoshop CC were my primary workhorses then. Now, Id probably use Lightroom and some Nik PP.
In my camera bag
Depends on the day, but I try to just carry everything as often as possible - if I don't, I will surely wish I had. As a minimum, I have my 24-105 kit lens (so versatile), but I also like to carry my 17-40mm as often as possible as it is my favorite.
Be ready for anything at anytime and never think 'I will just catch that later". The exact conditions you see will never occur again.

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