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Joanna101 November 18, 2014
It was worth the wait.
denisenewman December 19, 2014
Patience and perseverance truly paid off! Nice of them to pose for you ;)
Emailwalla February 07, 2015
The 4 hrs spent was woth it, it's a beautiful shot.
Are both tigers or is one a liger as the white one looks a lot lager.
ahmedfouadibraheem July 02, 2015
Excellent shot Edd, well done.
SteBil30 August 09, 2015
INCREDIBLE!!!!Certainly worth the wait.
ovosphotography January 10, 2016
like it!
simonparry August 06, 2017
Nice capture of these beautiful cats..
jimhelmick October 12, 2017
They knew you were waiting - fantastic photo.

"Peaches & Cream"

I stood out in 90+ heat and high humitidy for 4 hours waiting for these beauties to awake from their nap. When the zookeeper came to feed them they stood and ra...
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I stood out in 90+ heat and high humitidy for 4 hours waiting for these beauties to awake from their nap. When the zookeeper came to feed them they stood and ran off, I only got 1 shot off but it was a good one! My favorite photo of all the ones I have ever taken. Shot with a Minolta 650 and Kodak 400 film. Shot at the Miami Zoo, Miami, FL, USA
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at the Miami Zoo in Miami, FL
It was about mid day when I actually shot the picture though I had gotten their much earlier and waited, don't remember the exact time but I know it was mid day because the tigers were just about to receive their mid day meal which is why they were looking at the zookeeper who had just arrived.
it was overcast, shortly before it started to rain.
This was shot with a Minolta 650si film camera, Kodak Portra 400vc film which is my favorite film, very rich colors, I used a Minolta 75-300mm lens, no tripod, hand held, no filters and no flash
These tigers, who are siblings, are the offsprings of a white tiger, their mother, who had lived in the zoo and was a very popular attraction. I really like tigers, one of my favorite animals. It was a very hot and humid day, high 90's, typical Miami humidity. When I got there they were asleep and I waited 4 hours for them to do anything so they would wake up and I could take their picture. When the zookeeper came with their meal they awoke very quickly and the one in front stood up. I only got one shot off and this is it. Then they ran for their food so quickly that I didn't get a 2nd shot....four hours waiting, one shot but it is my favorite of all the thousands of photographs I have taken!
none whatsoever, what you see is exactly as I had preplanned it and shot
In my camera bag
Now I usually carry a Sony a850 Camera though I still have the Minolta 650si and still use it ever so often and still use Kodak Portra 400. Typically I only carry one lens a 28-200 that is my "walk around" lens. I sometimes carry a wide angle or my 150-500 lens. I use circular polarizers but all in all I like travelling light I don't want to haul a lot of gear around unless I am doing a unique shoot like the American Indian Pow Wows which are in my gallery which in that instance I will carry 3 camera, 2 film and 1 DSLR and several lens.
A lot of patience, a lot of water to drink!!! sometimes it is better being blessed with an opportunity than being good! Though I pre-planned and had an idea of what I wanted I know this shot can't be duplicated but you have to be willing to wait for long periods to get the shot!

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