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Model: Marina Jakšić

Model: Marina Jakšić
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2020 Choice Award
Absolute Masterpiece
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Superb Composition
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Top Choice
Svensyversen Subha_Bhadra CrystalBrowning jishan1 100millionpiecesofglitter cristiancindulet anthonywolfe +9
Outstanding Creativity
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Superior Skill

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Picture People Photo ContestTop 20 rank
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Halloween 2014 Photo ContestTop 10 rank


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amazing job
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Behind The Lens

Actually, this is a composite made from 4 of my photos. The creek was taken on a trip in to the mountain in Croatia. I was up to my waist in water for this shot, and completely frozen, the water temperature was not more than 6 or 7 degree Celsius (41-43 F). The shoting with the girl, actually this was a shoting with 3 models, was much more comfortable. She was shot on the river bank. My dog and the crow ware taken in my backyard.
All images are taken late afternoon or on the sunset. The main reason, the quality of the light in this part of the day is god, it is not harsh like on the midday.
Usually I often use speedlights, but not on this images. On of the reason is that the images are taken wen the sun was low. I used the speedlights on the shooting with the model. But actually, not for this photo, this is a "making of photo", so I did not use any additional light for this shot. :)
No special equipment was used for these 4 images, except for the creek shot. The creek was taken with an 5 stops ND filter (exposure 5 sec), and for that purpose I needed the tripod. And of course, for the crow I needed the 200 mm lens, and even more patience. :)
Actually, there was no inspiration for this shot. I did the shot of the creek 2 years before the shot of the model. And one day when I did some cleanup on my hard drive, I noticed that the perspective and the lighting on the creek and on the model are quite similar and the idea was born. I made a decision to make a mystic composite. I just needed some more models for my idea (the dog and the bird).
Actually, except the cutout of the girl, dog and the bird, there is no much post-processing. The biggest post-processing was to emphasize the existing fog in the creek, to make the fog stronger. A couple white brushstrokes and that's all.
In my camera bag
Mostly i take almost all my equipment in to the car. The Pentax K7 with some prime and kit zoom lenses. But on the set I will take only that what i fin necessary, the rest of the equipment will stay in the car. If I will do a portrait shoting, I use mostly the 50 mm lens with speedlights and light modifiers. But in the mountains, generally speaking, when I go outdoor, I take the tripod and the 18-55 and 50-200 kit lenses. The main reason. I will carry so little ass possible, and the kit lenses are ideal. They are light, relatively good, and weather sealed.
For a good composite the most important things are, the same perspective and similar lighting conditions. You can't fake the light and perspective. If one image is taken on harsh light, other images should be to. Take the subjects with the same lens and from the same distance and perspective. If these conditions are met, then is the needed post processing minimal. And of course, a lot patience is needed when you shot animals. Especially wild animals.

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