Staring At The Sunrise

For Peace & Self Control …

For Peace & Self Control …
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Inspired By The World Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
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Behind The Lens

'Staring At The Sunrise' was taken in Ain Sukhna a wonderful seaside town within the Suez Governate 120 km East of Cairo, Egypt on October 9, 2013 at dawn.
Sunrises seaside are very special, they give this sense of complete peacefulness with the surroundings allowing one to feel completely at ease and comfortable with his/her self. You kind of wish you were always in that state of mind to deal with everyday life issues stress free. Its that blissful feeling at dawn as you witness a new day arising and you are right to see it.
In some crazy way I have taken several shots of this chair in various moments and was very pleased with some of the images taken, with one curated in a gallery (Tranquility). I kind wandered that morning after taking other kinds of images how I was going to tackle the chair. To my surprise as soon as I moved the chair towards the direction of the sunrise and took a few step back, I saw the gap within the chair. So for a few seconds I had time to snap the sun clearly within the arm of the chair.
I have my warrior Cannon 550D that I adore with no tripod Focal Length: 135 mm Shutter Speed: 1/400 sec Aperture: f/8 ISO: 100
This chair has been a source of inspiration to me. This simple chair that people come a sit on to fish throughout the day has come to life at dawn for me. For some other shots I used to bring water from the sea to create a reflection on the surface it stood on. I literally have a mini series for this chair.
The image is enhanced on the iPhoto via the boost and antique options available on the 'effects' panel. And the image was taken in jpeg format, nice and simple.
In my camera bag
My 'Moving Together' camera bag is always packed with my Canon 550D alongside the versatile EFS 18-135, the 50 mm prime lens, the 70-300 zoom, which I hardly use, and now my new baby and passion, second hand, is my EOS 50E 35mm film
Fundamentally get out there, the world is a grand museum that needs to be brought to the attention of its people. We are all just too busy caught in a washing machine life style, round and round we go in the same place. We need to slow down a little bit and admire the world around us more. Philosophy: Follow your heart and do your art, be brave and share it with the world, you never know the world may just appreciate it and allow you to keep pursuing it. Life is short use your time wisely with things that make you tick happily. P.S.: 2014 is about following the heart: http://saci-art.com/2014/07/18/saci-alum-karim-shokair-enjoys-recent-success-with-photography-while-in-florence/

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