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Dont ask me what this is ... from the Art and Craft Show .. it is a sculpture !!

Not real ... a girl made this and was selling creatures like this at our local Art and Craft show. I envy people that have talent ... the only talent I have ......
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Not real ... a girl made this and was selling creatures like this at our local Art and Craft show. I envy people that have talent ... the only talent I have .... I can play the radio !!!! ...... but I am real good at it !!!
This photo was not photoshop or altered in any way.
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eliesethogersen June 09, 2013
Awesome coloured cameleon-not alive was it?Reminds me of the fantasy author:Terry Pratchett"s comment about someone wearing a v bright jacket-"it looked like a cameleon on LSD in a disco"
sundeepzutshi June 10, 2013
Is this real? If yes then NO WORDS. Only thing i will say " Extraordinary Detail"
Strawbs June 11, 2013
my thoughts exactly!! is this real?? extraordinary!!! :)
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 June 10, 2013
Very cool!
Jazzafer June 11, 2013
Another talent you have is capturing the beauty of this very fine art piece. If you wouldn't have told us this wasn't real, I would've never known the difference. Beautiful colors!!
Pamentos June 13, 2013
yup... I agree... STILL cool!!
mariewheeler June 13, 2013
wow amazing shot and love the colour's
maureenjohnston June 14, 2013
Wow amazing colours, great photo ! cheers Maureen :)
hotpixel June 16, 2013
I was gonna ask if it was for real :) Cool artwork... you caught it well Nick :)
Wayne_Sr June 17, 2013
Wow! Great Colors!
jojoxena June 18, 2013
great pop of colours,nice find!
photosue50 June 18, 2013
Very cool shot
BrianBasson PRO+
BrianBasson June 18, 2013
An excellent bit of craft in the creation of this chameleon and your photo! Brian :-)
shelleypixley June 21, 2013
wow, love this :)
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 June 23, 2013
Fabulous colors and great capture. And you're right, she's very talented. So, of course, are you.
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 June 26, 2013
Great shot! Photography is an art - which makes YOU a talented artist! :-)
jyl8833 Premium
jyl8833 June 26, 2013
Crazy colors!
nicolagraham July 03, 2013
Wow, I would have thought this was real, whoever this girl is she has amazing talent, Great Capture
vsidles PRO+
vsidles July 05, 2013
No, you have talent! Talent enough to take this shot and MAKE it look real!
HappyTree PRO+
HappyTree July 05, 2013
Wonderful colors!
CatNap PRO+
CatNap July 05, 2013
I agree with everyone!!
Blackgrapes July 07, 2013
You also take crazy amazing photos!
sherrymarie PRO+
sherrymarie July 08, 2013
Love the colors! Would be cool if they could change that many colors!
carol_bradshaw_4069 July 09, 2013
This will have my vote! Amazing color!
merv1948 July 10, 2013
Fabulous colours. Great capture!
jj07957 July 15, 2013
Fab Shot, Love the colours! Your talent is obviously photography :D
sheriminardi July 18, 2013
Love the colours!
willmoore July 21, 2013
This is absolutely incredible! Fantastic capture!
51goldie July 22, 2013
Fantastic colours, great composition, beautiful shot.
annalisaaa July 22, 2013
wonderwoman627 July 23, 2013
Very cool and you do have talent, great photography!
AliAlzuhair August 03, 2013
Nice colors!
MichelleRosePhotography PRO+
MichelleRosePhotography August 04, 2013
it is uber cool .... may I just say at least two talents ....... playing the radio & and you take exceptional shots too !!
SusanB August 15, 2013
Awesome Job. You have another talent and it's realizing a good photo shot. Not everyone has that talent and you sir do!
emilypiltzer August 31, 2013
Stunning! You are a very talented photographer :)
Nevine-Hadidi August 31, 2013
Very interesting!!
patriciabiggstaylor September 08, 2013
You've tamed the camera god :) he bends to your will ...
teonadzavashvili September 09, 2013
great shot ! wonderful colors !
SherranAndersen September 09, 2013
Love the colours.
Randiwan September 09, 2013
Wow what a picture!
SammyNJM September 10, 2013
stunning! this is so good!
suzanatulac September 17, 2013
The only radio...I think you can 'modestly' add a photography to that list...your photos are really jaw dropping!!!
nicolarobinson September 23, 2013
I did a double take when I saw this its a great capture
maryhale9534 PRO+
maryhale9534 October 01, 2013
Cool shot! Congrats!! :)M
JDLifeshots November 03, 2013
Awesome shot and talent to be able to create this! Congrats.
Bazz PRO+
Bazz November 14, 2013
pixterimages Premium
pixterimages December 08, 2013
Very cool.
mloiz December 12, 2013
Shirt December 13, 2013
Wow! Awesome photo and the maker is very clever. The only give away for me was the feet. Well done :)
Batesrc2 PRO+
Batesrc2 December 15, 2013
SnezanaPetrovic January 04, 2014
jefflaidlaw January 06, 2014
Thanks for saying it's not real.... A great picture of an incredibly creative piece of artwork... nice job :)
aliced PRO+
aliced January 09, 2014
Wow, beautiful colors!!
harleylynn January 18, 2014
Holy cow! I thought it was real, just photo shopped a bit! Dayum fine work~!
darrellgillenwater PRO+
darrellgillenwater January 20, 2014
love the colors, nice shot
Alexig PRO+
Alexig February 01, 2014
Two thumbs up. one for the artist, one for the photographer. Perfect ;-)
mariacesari-redondo February 05, 2014
So so colorful
gabajo April 21, 2014
Amazing capture! Congratulations! so deserving of recognition!
davidsloan May 13, 2014
Congratulations this is just amazing, you have inspired me with you're animal photos.
KatieMcKinneyPhotography June 07, 2014
Cool art!
Capture-Life June 07, 2014
WOOOW Nickster !! this ROCKS !! :):) amazing colors heheee
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi August 28, 2014
wowwwwwww, amazing !!!!!!!
Robb PRO
Robb December 16, 2014
debbidayton December 24, 2014
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta December 25, 2014
Fabulous shot. Congratulations on being the People's Choice Winner.
janland PRO+
janland December 25, 2014
Fantastic capture! Reminds me of a piñata! Congrats!
faintRAY1431 December 25, 2014
Really beautiful with amazing colours!
ShelleyE PRO
ShelleyE December 27, 2014
Stunning picture, love the colours!
ShelleyE PRO
ShelleyE December 27, 2014
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e_pedroche December 28, 2014
GBurlySV December 28, 2014
Congratulations! Beautuful subject and an awsome shot.
Rl1956 December 29, 2014
WOW, very colorful, congrats on your win
kimmarieostrowski December 29, 2014
OMG Love that! didn't know they could do that, THought it had to be all 1 or 2 colors
Svea_Knetzke December 29, 2014
Awesome Chameleon! Congrats!
rdehner Premium
rdehner December 29, 2014
The colors trap eyes. Fantastic,creative ideas for both you and the seller.
grahamfielder December 30, 2014
Far out man really great colours
fotogalmexican PRO
fotogalmexican December 31, 2014
wow cngrats
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 January 02, 2015
Congratulations on your win!~
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 January 02, 2015
So glad you won Nick!
ovosphotography January 04, 2015
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 February 19, 2015
Congratulations (a little belated--sorry!) on your win! Well deserved.
kathyk_abq February 24, 2015
Real or not, it works!
janland PRO+
janland December 28, 2015
Congrats on your fb feature Nick!
WendyParkinson January 17, 2016
You are a talented photographer!
hjames07 February 03, 2016
Very nice wildlife gallery.
LonyMaya February 03, 2016
Very cool Chameleon, there are very colorful ones out there. Even though it is not real, it still looks great and you did a great job taking this picture.
photocontestant2015 February 17, 2016
Incredible colors
GayleLucci PRO+
GayleLucci April 04, 2016
Cool color...kind of like a festival on 4 legs! Love it! Gayle Lucci
sue-zon PRO
sue-zon November 17, 2016
AMAZING colors!
Samlouise98x March 22, 2017
Love this!! :D
tinadavis Feb 24
wow this guy got my attention! Love all your animal photographs. keep up the great work

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